@Alexander my worlds are gone


logged into SM to try it out, it seems fun but not my cup of tea. but when I returned to BD all my worlds were gone. accepting it as a loss I tried to make a new colony find that my previous one was still there just not showing in the menu.
in case you need my info for the fix my name in f1, f2, and f3 is Nexr0n and my SM ID is 35842466


Tagging doesn’t work on the title, so I tagged him for you.


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This is very unnecessary lol


Lol it was funny, lol.
I’m going to see the BattleDawn forum to see if people complain as much as in SM


thanks, I’m new to the official forums. spend most of my time on the subreddit


Stop being toxic @Alejandro_Hernandez.


maybe, its just not my personal taste. as a mobile app to waste a few minutes sure but not something i’d want to sink too much time into.


Okay,well, let’s not say that Sm is fantastic. Take care bro.


we don’t needlessly whine on the forums, we do it on skype :slight_smile:

You probably linked the accounts then, which deletes(?) your old battledawn account


This is a common problem that’s been a thing for ages, try adding @Alexander skype (dreamerofdestruction) he can fix your issue




ya i linked them, messaged him on skype


SM and BD both players complain but for diffrent reasons. SM and BD both are kids of TS (Tactisoft). But while one kid SM got all the updates and has all the development team and funding behind them to take care of them all the time, they still complain that this update sucks that update sucks etc etc.

While the other kid BD only complains that it doesnt want a weekly update like SM or a whole development team behind it , but please just give us 1 update once a year and we will still be happy and make sure we dont die due to lack of updates.and tbh we wont even mind if we dont even get that 1 update but atleast dont kill us.

If u havent realized SM is killing BD slowly , both games being on same server / data or whatever it is , it wasnt made to have millions accounts like SM brought with them those accounts and now we play a game which crashes for 3 hours a day and TS is almost doing nothing for it (only Alex and few other admins are doing something).


Bane you’re right for the most part, we love Alex and all the work he’s put in but a lot of the issues with BD relating to servers and playercount aren’t something easy to fix, especially with one dev whos here because he knows what this game means to all of us :stuck_out_tongue:

It isn’t even tacticsofts fault tho bane, bringing a game like BD down for even a short period of time hurts our player base drastically, so it’s always a slippery slope when you do maintenance.


Really? Oh, sorry bro.I just said it playing, I did not think things were that bad in BD. Take care.


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Jesus, im almost ashamed to share the sm community with some people.