ALCOLADS Recruitment


We have one free place and we are looking for one strong and active player.
The active player is 70 wins at arena per week :wink:

We enter the top 30 and do more than 2000 wins per week. It’s all good with titan too.)
Find us in the search and join.

Welcome to the ALCOLADS.


i dont trust this
can you provide with an image so we know this isnt a trick?(just makin sure you aint prankin us)


What exactly do not you believe? That we do more than 2,000 wins?
See a screenshot on Friday.


Monday has just begun, and we already have almost 1000 :smiley:

Have a good week everyone.:wink:


U.s.s.r jr clan lmao


What are you talking about now?
What is U.s.s.r?


A clan that has a lot of wins


…So, what is next?


Thursday - more than 2 thousand wins :wink:
And we are full now :sunglasses:
And everyone else may continue to think that rating means something :hugs::stuck_out_tongue:


Despite the fact that this week the game was unavailable for several days…

Stability is a sign of excellence :sunglasses:


what about win/lose ratio? Spamming fights in arena all day is not hard but holding somewhat good k/d is more of a challenge


Watch your clan. Free


ALCOLADS is searching again for members

needed is:

70 wins a week
70 Titan tickets + active fighting
rank 6+

what you get:

friendly clan members

2000 wins chest (clan rewards) with maybe a legendary, like all these happy players from last week

top 20-15 clan

if you would like to join please contact @Geonazi


Very Good week till now

We successful killed the Tyrannosaurus Titan:


The clan is currently place 12 world wide (the new update helps a lot):


do you let rank 10 players in?
if you do,i’ll wait for someone too leave or get kicked.


ask @Geonazi he is the leader


We have one place for active player from 6R or higher.
Perhaps 7-8, under certain conditions. =)


Update. One place free again.


I can do that but i’m rank 9 :confused:


Would I be able to join? I am rank 9, but I believe I fit any of the other requirements.
*As stated, I am rank 9.
*I play 3-5 hours a day
*I love to make friends

Also, if needed, I can post my mechs.