AK Help! (Yep,getting yet another rifle)

Now I don’t care about money anymore.I know I used to only ask between ~150$ rifles but after I got this APS,now I’ll choose quality.
I’ll only get 250+ rifles from now on cause I got their feeling.

Now,how do you like your AKs?Long or short?

These are the options:

These will cost another ~50$ to properly tune up and ready up for war soo,they cost about the same.Even so,the price is something I couldn’t care less about as long as it’s indestructible.

I may come back with more threads and/or options.


You gotta go with the classic

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Long ak got my accuracy and speed, also it makes recoil up a bit, but should be stable, Short wont have that good range, im not a gun master but i cant wait to get my own one day


Okay,long AK it is.


Long AK boi

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