Airstrike utility item

This is how would it work: For example, you’re in a battle. And when you use that special, you “call for help”. And then an airstrike attacks your enemy (just don’t know any other way to write this sentence :confused: ). It would deal massive damage to your opponent. But, it cannot be used if your opponent’s health is lower than 60%. There will be many types. Here are some examples:


An rocket air strike shot on your opponent.
A big rocket shot on your opponent.
Laser attack on your opponent.
A huge laser shot on your opponent.
A timed bomb shot on your opponent.
Etc. etc.

I still don’t know how to name his special. Maybe you know, guys? It will replace that useless shield slot. You’ll be able to obtain it the same way as any other item, except it will be more rare. But not rare as Valiant Sniper :3 I’ll try to draw the special, but not so sure, coz I have problems with the trial. feel free to draw an example if you want (not the shooting animation, how would it actually look in the workshop.) Hope you like the idea. :grin:

  • That’s nice, I’d like that implemented.
  • I love the idea! That would be awesome!
  • Nah, nah, is not good. (tell why)
  • That’s terrible! (tell why)
  • I like it, but I’d like to change / add a few things.
  • I don’t like the idea, I’d like to change / add a few things.

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Edit: You would be able to use it only once in a campaign level.
Edit: It will be unlocked at level 30.

IDK really it’s a great idea but why

Why what?

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Why have it I’m just curious and I want your opinion

its a great idea i like the ideas for new speaicls

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Well, to be “strong”. And in case your opponent is way stronger than you, then you can use it.

But that makes it unfair really

But as I wrote, you can’t use it if your opponent’s health is lower than 60%.

Still people can just get better it’s simple really

There was a topic for a “Specials” for all the torsos, like the GrimReaper reaps the leg so they are crippled for the entire round.

Get Click Baited

yah at what level because it would be unfair for noobes

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(20 character limit)

It would be unfair for all especially physical mechs

yah i would get recked badly in 5 turns

I would get reked easly

But if you had one? (20 chara)

me too

The thing is what type of damage would they do the specials

Explosive, energy and physical. (20 chara)

I thought I had a bad mech