Aircraft in battle dawn?

Dear Battle Dawn,
I think a cool new feature you should add to battle dawn would be the ability to create aircraft. I mean the game has been available for over 10 years now ,and I think adding aircraft would be a much appreciated feature by the community… maybe? Here are some of my Ideas for aircraft.

  • Being available before the “Ion Cannon” they would be cheaper and slightly less effective

  • Not build like normal troops Soldiers, Tanks etc. but instead being build in two types
    Bombers and Fighters.

  • Acting slightly like the “Ion Cannon” ,bombers being able to bomb Outposts and Colony’s damaging troops and vehicles whereas Fighters being able to intercept squads and missiles damaging or destroying them.

  • They wouldn’t do too much damage , less than the “Ion Cannon” ,but not too little to be extremely ineffective.
    -They would be balanced by costing less that the “Ion Cannon” but also not doing as much damage.

  • Perhaps something acting like spy protection,except it works for air units and not spy’s could be added to OPs and Colony’s

  • It could be called "Anti Air Gun " and would need to be charged by using energy

  • Like the way Spy protection stops agents from causing havoc, An anti air gun could prevent or lessen the damage dealt by Bombers

  • Perhaps squads could be armed for two journeys with an anti air upgrade that must be rearmed after two journeys for some resources.

Thank you for listening.


Intresting Idea, but I feel it would be too hard to balance. Ions are already really op and making anything similar thats cheaper would be mad :\

I agree, interesting idea, but the issue I find with this idea is that it seems to help attackers more. And right now, I think we need more ways to make defenders better (just my opinion though). Kinda makes me think of the game Advanced Wars though :slight_smile: Bombers could only hit ground units, fighters could only hit other air units. The problem I see about this is how to keep balance without adding additional features for countering these things. Because the attackers are USUALLY the one’s whom already have the better income. So defenders would need to build counter measures and they already have lower income to do so. So I could see attackers becoming even more OP and able to landslide by sending hordes of bombers are weaker teams (and fighters to protect them).

Anyone with a busy lifestyle would agree to it. Plus defending against the odds is way more fun.

Interesting idea.

Bit of a counter-idea (just musing, no means am I even considering it as a game feature yet… just fun to think about):

What if Fighters have as sole reason to damage bombers or other fighters, while bombers sap a random 1HP from a unit every turn?

So in protracted wars, it’d be a bit of a battle trying to catch fleets of bombers trying to damage split armies, a sort of shadow war next to units.

Haven’t considered the implications, but neat to add such a thing…

I love big ideas like this, even if they don’t always make sense for an old game. :slight_smile:


Anti Air Gun For OPs and Colonys? Acting Like Spy Protection? I think this would help defenders if air units were added. :smiley: