AI Colonies


How will Ai Colonies be distributed and defended?

BattleDawn Development

It’ll be at each admin’s discretion.


That said, distribution is fair and random. The amount can be admin-decided, but the locations can not be changed by anyone.


So just to clarify even admins can choose the location on the AI colonies? They are completely randomized?.. With that said is there also a specific algorithm that says if they are a high ranked player increase the chance of a spawn near them?


Admins have nothing to do with it and nope.

They’re specifically designed to reward locations of the map equally - though I am open to adding a bias to it later if there is demand/request. Let’s discuss this in another topic though!


Will they actively build/attack nearby players at all or be more of a passive resource to fight over? Like mines but requiring the conquering of the owning player first and no alliance-wide bonus of course.


So they implemented to upcoming/resetting worlds or also to the worlds currently running :grin:


From what I understand the AIs are completely up to admin do if they wanted to create an event they could put 2000 AIs on at once to liven things up haha


They will be more passive. They are not set to attack, but they will have some defenses. It’s more so to help keep the world populated and fighting over territory and resources :slight_smile:


I would also like to know if they will be added to existing worlds? I am quite eager to find some :slight_smile:


Are AI colony can rebel??


It’s a setting for the admins to turn on.

I believe all admins turned them on now though. :slight_smile:

Nope! If players want that we can change it, but I think that’d just frustrate people.

Hey, since there will be plenty to conquer now, maybe it’d be nice if players could teach people who do rebel the game. Don’t need every colony do we? :slight_smile:


How frequent do AI Colonies spawn per tick? Lets say on a 600 player world?


I think it might be a good idea if the AI do rebel randomly between 100-500 ticks and will have built up a small force when they do. This would mean if the conqueror has left the area/forced to move a new player could conquer the AI.

Discussion thread:


I like this idea, maybe you should put it on the suggestions tab. :slight_smile:


Right now they’re spawning at half the speed they did on RC (want to be gentle until we know it wont kill the ticks under any circumstances…) but it should take approx 250 ticks for a world to be filled up to the maximum amount of AI’s. :slight_smile:

Take that as you will!


Ok, that response answered my question :slight_smile:


How can we differentiate AI colonies from normal colonies?
I don’t want to be sending diplomatic messages to AI.
Also, do AI have ranks?


Aw, but the poor AI bots will be lonely if you don’t message them :cry:


That’s true, we don’t want the AI to get lonely.