AI colonies. How do they work?

Like the title says, im a little confused how these work. Can anyone explain their mechanics?

1)Usually the initial colonies contain a lot less units then the ones that come after the first purge.
2)The best way to tell if a colony has units is to look at the statistics of the colony

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they’re like res ops as in they don’t perform anything and don’t revolt and don’t attack

They’re just like the older admin placed colonies except there’s always hundreds of them. At the start of the era they will only have a handful of inf/cav that’s only ever arm/dmg. Later in the era (maybe tick 800?~) they have a lot more as they start to spawn in again to replace the ones from the beginning that start to get deleted.

Basically it means that you can have numerous people with like 300 power really early in the era, it’s kind of ridiculous, but fun I guess

I’m not exactly able to remember, but @alexander did tell me about no of units and unit type these colonies have depending upon the tick.

So they dont stick around forever and they can have units on them. Are they spawned randomly? Is there a way to tell where they spawn at start of era?

completely random. I think it uses the “find a random location” spawn mechanic that you get when planting on a world yourself.

From my knowledge, @Alfie is the most right, altho hes missing some things.

  1. Ai colonies all place at the start as y’all know (however this can be turned off or toned down)
  2. Ai naturally scale during the era getting more units when they get planted (altho this can also be turned off or toned down)
  3. Ai have a sort of limit, which is why when a lot of them start being deleted late in the era because Ai colonies get deleted quicker, point 2) comes into play and the AI got a lot of units (makes it great for xp farming, especially with the new update thats currently live on the rc server ;))

A common thing you might have noticed is that admins have full control over AI and how they plant and what units they got. (@Alexander can debunk me though, I’m not claiming I’m 100% certain, I just think I am <3)

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