AI Colonies at 30 power


Some have 30 power but don’t have a crystal. Not sure if bug but definitely misleading and sure be changed imo


AI colonies arnt supposed to get a crystal i’m afriad.


How can you tell a normal and an AI colony apart? Also how long do they stay in protection for??


Energy is right, crystal spawning isn’t supposed to happen for AIs.

@Cybran, you can’t, officially. You can only strongly suspect one is an AI colony because of for example an odd name, not moving ever, or spawning and dropping protection immediately with 10 units or something to that effect.

They stay in protection for, as far as I’m aware, a random period. They don’t necessarily wait until the end of their protection, they can also drop protection between spawning and end of their protection period. I don’t know what the exact formula for the probabilities is.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


AI have 0 rank.
Like as shown below


That’s only at the tick they spawn, the tick after their rank updates.


at least you can tell the difference the moment it spawns :slight_smile:


but great idea if Ai have crystal hahaha, And great too if Ai conquering people! that more funs,


The issue with AI’s conquering people is that people might think the admins are biased against them. Imagine you keep getting attacked by AI’s while your enemy isn’t… Even if it’s random, you would probably blame the admin and think he was out to get you.


yea but the AI must be scripted to attack back who attacking them