AI championship

being the absolute madman and genius that i am, i came up with a brilliant idea. @Tacticsoft, why not make autoplay usable in arena, or at least when 1v1ing players?

I am suggesting making a championship where people would build their mechs not in the way they feel would be most strategic or useful, but base it off the way the AI functions (drone released first, using pushers, etc. basically how dumb the AI is currently) and the 2 players would have to release their AI with autoplay on (have to record screen to prove later) ,and the 2 AI-controlled mechs battle it out. or if Tacticsoft wants to help they can temporarily implement a special button for this championship which, when pressed, doesnt allow you to control your mech, or have a way of people seeing in replays when the AI is active for which player in which case screen-recording wouldn’t have to be done.

Would having an AI championship be a dank viable idea?

  • yes
  • no

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<Perhaps add a poll so that users can vote on your idea?>


Good idea! I remember this feature in old versions of Pro Evolution Soccer. You set up your team and battled with other players based on the AI coach. And I spent hours and hours trying to figure out the logic behind my loses/wins. Trust me, there was none. AI was dumb and so it could screw up 1 v 1 with the goalkeeper, only to score a miracle goal from the halfline… But this could be another mode, and I like the idea…

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i made a similar mode for Warlight when i used to play. there are 4 diff AI in Warlight, so i got some people together and we each picked an AI and tried different maps, having the AI fighting for us. some AI are genius while others are too dumb to understand all functions of the game and would end up not using some important functions while on simpler maps it performed better than the more advanced AI. it was fun.

I will always take something unique and different, doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Just unique and I’m good. Although this one is very unique and good. It will make things more, you know? Interesting. :slight_smile:

Sugoi desu ne onii-chan

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Lets make this game world first which run itself no player needed with zero user online.
In other game waypoint autoplay we pronounce as hack or pod bot.
Now to make matchmaking faster they can add more fakemeta bots to play in pvp just same as we have in ftp game where we can add bots from console when we have less human players in server.

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This is not the shitpost off topic thread

I do not know … you should see how much support your idea and the opinion of tcsft have