Ahem , Why somany maintnences?


The title says , its the 2nd maintnence break today. Heck i cant farm like this with such maintnences


however there seems to be no changes


I believe the changes are being done to reduce lag and stability issues.

I have found that the game is much more playable than over the weekend.


still no free boosting tho


and the maintnence is over. quick


It was quick… but there is another one -_-


cough thats what the top player said


We are doing fixes to our server to help with the connection issues that players have been experiencing.


i feel that there is no end for this connection issue


My rank got reset to 20…?



post must be atleast 20 leeters


If you read the forums / play on mobile you may know Super Mechs had been featured on both Google Play store and iOS App Store. We expected out traffic to rise to a certain level and added some servers to handle the load, but what we DIDN’T expect is THIS amount of traffic. Our servers where completely overwhelmed and every day we had to add more servers to handle the influx of new users.

Because of the increased traffic, Super Mechs even started to appear on several Top Charts in many countries which led to even more players discovering and downloading the game.

This resulted in our servers having lags and sometimes crashes and the technical team pretty much dropped everything since last Thursday except handling this (we’re a small team here so you can imagine the stress).

The good news is that we deployed updates yesterday (Android and Web) and today (iOS) that we believe fixed most of the issues, and we optimized the way the servers balance the traffic. The bottom line is that we expect that starting today the experience will be way better for all players.

Have we fixed everything? No. Will we have to do some more servers restart? Probably. But you should now expect a much smoother performance on all platforms.


Maybe its time to expand the Team


Protect server with helmet?




he protecc
he atacc
but most importantly
he cares about super mecc


so that’s why but you better extend the Inventory limit cause the people are going nuts