Again the nerf of the drop

Just killed BigBoy eight times on the complexity of insane. As a reward I received 1 Common and 15 Rare items.
P.s. In this BigBoy became more difficult, with my resistances of 45, it makes 500-600 dmg per shot !!!
A worthy reward for such work, is not it ??

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his minions are much easier though


Well only 982 runs to go… i can see the epics and legendaries pouring like a summer rain on us.
By the way alredy done 20 runs on him… 14 commons, 5 kits( shhet one) , 21 rares… i feel that legendary poping any time now… dont hold your breath tho.

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Why hold it a secret ?

WHY you cannot be honest and tell us the % chances of all boxes, special the one, for which players pay real money !

Hiding this changes makes you - (not you as person, I mean tacticsoft) - look like a dishonest company !



I have a similar situation. :weary:

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“A tiny chance for legendary”, you say? Interesting.

Well, a tiny chance is better than no chance, so thanks.

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Once again, we are being fooled by Tacticsoft. Here are my ponts:

  1. Mission number 6 does not drop items at all, or I am just extremely unlucky - 3 runs, 0 boxes. Thank you, this is no longer a viable grinding method.
  2. Even if the chances are slightly increased, remember that it os 2 (TWO!!!) cards instead of 3 (THREEEE! - I use words in case you do not notice the difference). I remember plenty of runs I received three rares from the BB box, usually 2 rares and 1 mythical. What is now? 2 rares sometimes, usually 1 rare and 1 common. And what it means? If I set the goal of crafting 1 legendary a day, up till now 1 BB run meant 1 level of an epic item up. So I needed circa 20-25 runs of the BB mission (the experience needed increases with levels, so first 10 are a snap). And now? 1 run of the BB mission is not enough to improve an epic up 1 level… Thanks Tacticsoft, thank you once again. Oh, BTW, @Sarah247, @Mohadib, you still owe me a response to the official ticket support I sent to you on Friday last week, and then I forwarded it yesterday. And really, I am starting to lose my patience.
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with a little corection… never did BB droped a mythical… we could only dream of it.
By the way, i’m down to 50 runs on BB… 100 items, 2 epics so far…12kits…39 rares…47 comons… not a single legendary.
Till now i see a 2% chance of epic. 39% rare, 47% common, 12% kit… i’m starting to get the picture of those chances @Mohadib was talking.
@Mordulec i do belive that mission 6 drops box… but not always, it’s more like 60-70% chance to get it on insane, only did 3 runs on it, 2 of them gave box.
A funny thing tho… BB on insane, doesnt always drop a box…must be the new boost now.

Well… it would indeed be better if the minimum item dropped would be rare and above for the last mission.

But nope… We still get commons.

Hey, I do mission 6 most of the time, too. It seems to give more gold now, than items. :confused:

Thanks, El_Metre for your response!
60-70% drop chance means that the BB misison is much more viable for grinding items. Losing 7 energy for a mission that does not drop a box is a waste, in my opinion. BTW, I just wanted to check out what is the reward on the Insane mode, since I only grinded BB on Hard so far - it was much more reliable. And guess what. With full HP of 2115 I got recked by BB. Its drone deals 350 dmg, even though the stats say max 270. Insane, indeed…

A funny thing tho… BB on insane, doesnt always drop a box…must be the new boost now.

I bet tactisoft is laughing at this funny joke. :expressionless:

i saw also spikes like(290-327) that in the Insane mode… did only 5 of them… saw a 515 on the orb tho… i was fack… tha’s a big shot from a bigboy…in the 5 runs, only 1 didnt drop a thing.
I use close to 2700 hp phis mech when doing insane, and unless i’m over 2500 when i fight him…he can kill me…now that is Insane… the epic anihiliations hit harder then my mythical fully fused ones :)).

Honestly, I believe that the Insane BB is now much harder than before. I just used to kill it easily, provided I was full HP. And that was a problem in Insane mode - to survive to BB with full HP. This is why I stuck to Hard. Now, even if I am full HP, I just get annihilated. I am sticking to the Hard mode again.

And BB did not drop any items?? That is also insane! O_O

I just used up all my 105 energy points. I grinded BB Hard only, minus 1 kill on BB Insane (means no box) and 3 x mission 6 Insane (3 x no box). Results: I managed to upgrade an epic item up to level 27! And this is because yesterday I pumped it up to level 10. Yes, this item was level 10 before I started fusing it today! So I guess crafting 1 (ONE, god damn it - ONE!) legendary in a day is simply not possible, or alternatively I have to wait for regen to grind another set in the evening. But I don’t know if I feel like wasting my life for this…

my point exactly… sure you can grind… but the net result in it…is hmm… less then satisfying.
By the way my calculations were based on 2 grind session/day. With a total of 26 runs.
It will take aprox 3 days to get a legendary… just to get…to build it… i will take another day to take it to lvl 40.
And then another 15 days to get the rest of legendaries you need to make it a myth.
And to fully fuse a myth takes 5–6 days.
That means, a total of 24-25 days to get a single myth item by grinding, at least 2-3h/day.
to buid a fully fused mech…take 16 months… wow by the time you make 3 of them… the game gets changed again :))… see the recurance @Mordulec… remember the old version, took you 2 years to make 3 top mechs… that you lost in a single day… it will take you another 2years to reach that lvl…again.
PS: use an energy mech, it works better then phis one…specily for the minions.

Easier said than done. Right now I am nearly perfect with my build. And it is physical. I still hesitate between a physical pull (Night eagle i suppose) top weapon and this goddamn Bloodweep, which I know nothing about. Currently it is legendary, seems similar to Nightfall, same range, same principle (energy-based, unfortunately), but this armour shredding - 6 only! Legendary nightfall is -9, to be boosted to -15 on myth. How much is Bloodweep’s myth armour shredding? -10 I think, based on e.g. shotgun stats… Anyone have this information, guys??

If you got 2 in 43 that is consistent with getting slightly unlucky with a 10% chance. Same as you can roll a dice 20 times and not roll a 6.

But why they don’t put the percentage chance on the boxes any more i do not know. Very annoying.

Why oh why do the devs not just communicate more. So frustrating. Almost as frustrating as it must be for them having 80% of their items redundant cos they dont go to myth. Lel idiots

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I’m not playing BB. I play shorter missions like 1 or 2. In the end the reward in boxes is the same, most of it is garbage to recycle.

Short missions are less boring. Because it´s understood that there is nothing more boring and repetitive than the campaign. You already know by heart what will happen. No surprises, nothing new happens in the campaign.

Yes I believe you should add back the ability to receive mythicals from boxes, it was much easier for all players to get a good item if they saved up through the campaign. 800 tokens would make it basically a $12 box though and I’m not sure how I feel about that idea. Still a good idea, the ability to get a mythical from a box would be very helpful for the f2p peeps and even paying players.