Again the nerf of the drop


Now, instead of three cards, two cards drop - ((((


Ah, but the secret is that we reduced the chances for Common items, increased the chances for Rare, increased the chance for Epic and even added a tiny chance for Legendary.

So it’s a well rounded reward now if you’re grinding it.


Please can you shout the above message to the whole community :stuck_out_tongue: small change but big impact!

Have any other changes been done to the boxes in this update?


lol “added a tiny chance for legendary” when the cost of premium boxes was 150 and 2 items in it there was more chance to have legendaries (1 in every 3-5 boxes approximately) now in 20-25 boxes oppened i got 0 legendaries lel stop lie please.


1000 box = one Legendary ?


premium boxes have always given me a legendary roughly every 10 cards, thats all the way through beta up to the last update. I’m not sure for this update yet but I expect it hasn’t changed.


Need to bring back 2 legendaries in one boxe this was very nice !


First, I just told you guys about it. :slight_smile:
Second, we don’t always communicate these changes to everyone since we want to look at data collected over time to optimize the balance for a while first.


I’m talking about the box reward at the end of the final boss mission.
We haven’t touched the boxes in the shop in this update.


It would be time to touch them.


Does this apply to Big Boy only, or any end boss?


Sorry, that’s absolutely not true. After conversion i had 17 premium boxes which yielded 5 legendaries (while they were at 150T). Bought 7 more afterwards got 2 more legendaries (in 3rd and 5th box). Then came 75T premium box change! Did first batch of 43 premium boxes - got only 2 legendaries - at 23rd box and 41st - at some point I could not believe, but didnt want stop - I wanted sample for community!. Severely demoralized! At the same time others commented their experience with severly reduced drop chance (check forums). Today burned 20 bucks/1100T - not a single legendary - to prove the point and to test update (if possibly something changed in this regard) ! And I will continue to post my experiences everywhere… now you gamble with peoples intentions and determination to risk premium boxes after that - that is rip off and premium boxes chances has to be fixed asap - the best in a way that more options are present (like it was in previous version - e.g. you need more items with chances = pay less… (old gold box), then you have like that 220 T option for single guaranteed item… if you are willing to pay more and introduce some gamble… provide 600T box with 3 legs + 30% chance for 4th… something like that) and I bet you will see some positive comments


I said me. This is my personal experience. Please try not to call me a liar. If you have had a different experience with the boxes please feel free to share but no need to call me a liar for my own experiences.

However the later point you make about a larger box. I would warmly welcome that. Its very boring opening 1 item at a time. I’d be fine with a 800 token box for 9 epics (Fair chance at legendary) and 1 legendary (Small chance at mythical).


I don’t know if i do a topic with a poll about this subject, the SM team will see the reality and will move a little… (we know at 99% the answer is NO.) And 1 in 10 boxes or 2 in 43 boxes are the two bad (a little more the 2nd but ok).


appreciate the boost for the grinders Mohadib, thank you for responding to our concerns.


Look… there is nowhere mention or intention to make you look like liar. I was ofended with term ‘always’. ‘Always’ would imply that there is fail-safe mechanism which kicks in if you didnt get any legendary in ‘n’ tries. But here it is not the case.
Thing is… 3% chance does not say you will get 1 item in 34th try – because (math, statistics) every roll starts from 0% chance and has no clue of previous roll


Post the chances so we can test them.
Even the abismal one of the legendary… im willing to do 1000 runs of big boy back to back to see if it holds up.
I will post a table of each run.
If in 1000 runs they are close to waht you say… and i get a legendary then we are good… if not… well well well…
Hold your bet on that one?


This is a step in the right direction!


Babby steps… like real small ones… more like an intent of a word towards the right direction


Still it is good :sparkling_heart: