Again i ask you ppl


i recently asked what i should get to mythical and i chose tonto. i have it maxed and now i am wondering if i should get my nightfall or my rolling beasts up to mythical

  • Nightfall
  • Rolling Beasts

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rolling beasts because hp is important.


I am making a similar decision, myth iton boots or my brute next. I’m going with brute because dealing a hundred or more extra damage a turn is better than getting 100 more hp when I already have 2700. And nightfall is more reliable and better at draining than frantic brute. Unless, of course, you use stomp at range 1. If you do, I’d myth legs


hp is more important.
the more hp you have, the longer your phys can stay in battle.
every digit matters.
plus frantic is a tumor and will only get you hated.


Yeah yeah, whatever you say


which one would help me beat raid 6 tho, i get to it and i almost beat it except for the boss


is the hint HP is more important than damage then rolling bests


use a HB and CL against the Boss… should forever overheat him.