After updating the dont drop shields


Why do not we get shields anymore ???
The old players who have shields in some cases have an advantage - it’s unfair !!!

Sory for my english


Yeah old pilots keeping 1kg teleport, 10%, 15% energy shield and bully pushback side weapon. Etc


remove all old items =)))


What the ? You could have saved any of that stuff and fused it. What was kept in the inventory was done with a reason. Does everyone cry about everything that doesn’t benefit them? Grow up.


Both new and old players must be in equal conditions, and now the old players have a big advantage !!!


its ur problem nybba, tacticsoft team does not care


The old players who spent tons of money and the items became useless as well as their accounts have a big advantage? May be one of the silliest things I have read on here in a while.


I still have some shields but i actually never use it. The new weapons are doing much more damage than the old ones. My energy shield comsumes 7 energy for every 4 dmg.
An example a maxed anihilation does around 300 dmg and i have 300 energy cap. It would consume all my energy it just one turn ._.


Lol the old players spent 4+ years on this game already, how are we supposed to be equal?


old players are veterans. :slight_smile:

They always will have some sort of advantage in the game.


Now game play is different and weapon do much more damage keeping this few thing wont matter at all. Afterall veteran’s wasted their life for this game so they deserves to keep few obsolete extra items.


that silly, old players spend more time, money, and effort in the game, fair doesn’t always mean equal,
we both got the same amount of chance