After raid bug?

hi all. today is different for me. ı saw titan bugs many time, ı could not enter arena fıghts bla bla… but to day ı saw biggest bug ever seen. Raid finished on 3rd day on me. Im finishing raid on top 10 every week, I lost my rewards, who give me this. ı dont say this only for me many player same like me. now ı’ll ask some question, if SM if will not pay atonement, some player who play raid 4 or 5, they are lucky or cheater or SM’s special player or SM is sleeping. I dont know which one is true. So
in all circumstances SM’s outhorities must give us a explanation and they should solve all players complaint. This is fair one.


Right, day 4, I only got 50 tokens.
The game is broken :frowning:

I think,this is not problem for them