After nerf Fortune box drop rate calculation ( 87,32% correct )

After buying 600 tokens and 4 hours of bullying ramboy until it and it’s minions started to have mental depressions i ran out of fuel here is the drop rate

  • Every 100 Fortune box will drop ATLEAST 1 - 2 legendary
  • a fortune box will drop every 20 runs
  • 59,32% that you will get rares
  • 27.71% that you will get epics
  • 6.97% that you will get commons
  • 6% that you will legendaries

And even THAT drop rate of legendaries , you still need to cross your fingers and hope that its a
L-M item that is BARELY USEFUL

Notice that

  • My account is a legacy and not maxed on the level yet as im only level 136
  • The remain of the 12,68% is based on each player’s luck
  • If i do another run , the difference is gonna be really different , so dont take this too seriously , it goes random for all players

Mini Update :
Here is the drop rate of item boxes during grinding :

  • Every 100 runs there will be atleast 73 regular mix boxes ( which can drop epics ) and 13 fortune boxes

I’m getting very different results, especially for frequency of FB. Good for you.