Advice for new players. Get to know the game


I posted something like this in the old forum, in order to help new players. So lets get started.

Starting out in this game, supermechs, can be frustrating, especially when new to the game. Even if you are an old player, making a new account can be a bit difficult, now.

Being a new player, you are most likely asking “What do I do first?” The smartest thing to do, if you are new, is to complete as much of the campaign and quest. You don’t have to really complete the whole campaign, right away. Just do what you can. Do the daily quest, if possible. Do battle ladders to learn the game. Explore within the game. Look at each weapon stats, as you are building a mech.

Building a mech: How do I build my mech? When starting out, you can basically throw anything on, to survive in campaign and the arena. As you improve, things change. In the campaign, it gets harder in each area. So you have to rotate your new from the old or the best weapons you can put. The type of weapons you put on your mech is important. When you are beginning to battling it out in 20 through 11 ranking, weaponry really don’t matter that much, yet hit points do. In this ranking ladder, you learn the game as you up rank. (Will explain hit points down more) In rank 10 through 1 things change, especially in rank 3 through 1. If you want to get there and survive, mech weapons need to be the same type. There are three types of weapons. The three type of weapons are physical, heat, energy. Too many weapons on a mech is useless in rank 10 through 1. The most you need is 4 and if possible a drone. This game is now different in winning. It is now base on experience you learn through the game and weaponry.

Hit-points: What are hit points? Hit points or hit point bar is your life span in battle. There are three items that get you hit points. They are Torsos, legs, and armor plating. Yet, some legs don’t have hit points. The more hit points help, now.

Heat and cool down: Heat weapons is what cost you loosing turns. It helps to have your heat bar above 175 and cooling maximum now above 135. What is cooling and how do I get it? Cooling bar is what cools you down when you over heat. There are several items that benefit for mechs with heat and cooling. Those items are Torso’s, Energy and heat modules, Heat modules, regeneration and cool down modules, and heat controls. Torso’s don’t produce much cool down. The most is 50, and that is the “Lava scope.” When I started this game, cool down was not that much of a problem, four to five years ago, until mythicals started to show up. Cool down is mandatory in battle, now. (Yep, it sucks) My best heat mech in the beginning, that I really liked, was No mythicals on that. :grin:

Energy and regeneration: I still suck with energy weapons and mech build, yet I do now a lot about it. Energy is kind of similar to heat, yet also different. When it’s your turn and energy is at 0, most weapons won’t be usable when energy is required, for certain weapons. When energy is also at 0, energy weapons have the advantage. An energy weapon that does a low 50 damage can do double that or more when opponents energy is at 0. (Yep, don’t like that much. It should also apply to heat also, yet doesn’t. Maybe it’s better that way.) Energy weapons are also costly to you. So, you need to set the energy bar high and have good regeneration. What helps with energy and regeneration are a few things: Like mention in heat, torso’s help. There is also energy mudule’s, Electron fields, and other items that I’m to lazy to list.

Physical: Physical weapons are the ones that do the most damage. Most of them don’t cost heat or require energy or cost energy, yet some do. Physiccal weapons are my favorite. Not only do they apply a lot of damage to your opponent, they also are helpful in not rising heat or not require energy. My first build was with only 2 Demolisher mark 3, a Galaxus Model A, and cannon feet. That kept me in rank 1 for a long time, until needle blaster’s came into the game. Then there was death punch, which are heat, that had a long period of population. There is also armor breaker, ultra nova, and Metal shredder. Metal shredder had a short period of fame, yet not so much.

Resistance: Resistance helps also. There are three types of resistance physical, explosive, and Electric. Each resistance type maintains damage from your opponent of which type of weapon they use. Yet it is also helpful to your opponent if either of resistance is negative. They do more damage to you if negative. Resistance, in my believe, does not really help. I use diamond shell with 37 of each type of resistance, which didn’t help. The opponent did more with that damage. Yet, with god mode resistance already at -20, and it gets to -40 my weapons do less damage. So I’m not sure about that.

Pads: I’m getting to the point where I’m not happy about them any more. Every time I battle an opponent, the pads benefit him more than me. Anyways, what are beneficial about them? They boost up your weapons on types, they up cool down and regeneration, they get rid resistance, and other things. Don’t really feel like getting into detail here. Yet, I hope the mods get rid of pads.

Will update more. That all I can think of now. So enjoy the old shcool mechs pics:


nice post but dont be suposed to be writed on general discuss?
well ill add a link to SM wikia
also the game have a tuto on itself devs should show it at the end/beggining of tutorial, that way new players know where to see info


Those Mechs look old school :sunglasses: I like it

And I miss the old workshop


Forgot about shields. Heat and Energy shields. They play a great aspect in battle.

Never use a heat shield against heat weapons. If you use a heat shield, your heat will rise more than without it. Same as energy. Energy will drop more against energy weapons. So in reality, have a great energy regeneration and cooling. Also have the bars set high.