Advertisement (Dead game :p)


This game has been dead for the past few years, the management of this game need to increase the amount of noobies joining the game because there’s little of that anymore.

To do this they need to boost the advertising in the game to bring it back to when this game was great like in 2009-2013, around that period, when there was no bots and there were thousands of colonies and squads flying every direction, it hasn’t been like this for a while now. When i found this game, I found it on facebook i think, but there’s no advertising now or very little at least and this needs to be fixed for the good of the game.

I suggest pumping less money into BattleGalaxy as nobody boosts much and there’s little variety in my opinion and little people play on it, and taking that money into advertising and in that process this game makes more money.
This game is slowly dying and nobody new is starting to play it.

This is just my opinion and a suggestion that might work, take it as you will :stuck_out_tongue:

Wanna hear from the community aswell.




:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


you do realise since BD isnt making alot of money (heck not enough to even support itself). Now why would they pump more in money and hope that somehow magically people start playing? Business wise it doesny make sense to revive the game.


What i said in that is that they take down some of their servers that people don’t play on for example BattleGalaxy isn’t making any money, and advertising doesn’t cost that much on services like facebook, they take the money that they save from taking BG serevrs down and put it into advertising to make more people play the game, therefore making more money


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This was Alexs reply last time someone said this.


Well then something has to happen or else this game will die, that’s a fact, the players that play now will slowly quit and because of the low advertisement of the game no new people will join battledawn. The management have to find anyway to pick up the advertisement for this game and quick because the more they don’t do this they are loosing money in that time, if they don’t this game is gone just like Kong BD


Back in 2006-2013, web games were still thriving. We got thousands of players for free and we were ranked first on every game list for a long while, all of which thriving. Kongregate sent us I think 10(?) full worlds of players in days.

Nowadays I doubt Kong has a quarter of that going around… in total… for all their games.

Market changed, not only is BD an old game (10+ years now) but Web Games as a whole are much smaller than they used to be, community-based games are essentially gone (try finding a game now, besides Eve Online, which has much of a community, let alone a dominant one like BD does… I dont just mean fans. I mean dedicated teams with rivalries and real love, instead of the puppy love everyone enjoys).

We did advertise back then more, much more, but we also advertised that all to indians, filipinos and whomever else we could spend as little on as possible, the lowest of income groups with usually a very young age and no education nor prior interest in games like this. Was a strategy to get fodder into the game - one which served us well. Better to have dedicated players for everyone to conquer, people who are cheap, than have them conquer each other (and cost us many players who are relatively expensive (people over 18, know english, actually like games like ours and don’t just like the military girl we put on the first page))…

We’re not “pumping money” into BattleGalaxy. We spend a percentage of it on getting players the same as .com. Galaxy costs us nothing besides some time to adjust things for it.

We still get new players, thankfully, on both games. Not as much as we used to, but a decent number.

With the changed market - we changed strategy radically. Replace fodder by AI, improve the new player experience, give vets other stuff to focus on. It brought us back from our worst period of time (bad enough to contemplate some seriously dark things) to the best point in years. Sadly we had some downtimes which took their tolls, but it’s still looking optimistic.

Simply put, surviving as BD is already a big deal (it’s a very old game and everyone else we used to live with is gone pretty much…), and we’ve managed to extend its lifespan quite a bit. Right now it looks like we’ll be sailing right along to 2020, at which point we’ll need to do some major things as our platform will be shut down then (Flash).

Actually BD does pay for itself, it’s a big deal that I considered very important, because it secures a future for BD. More people who get to grow up BD, like I did :stuck_out_tongue:

Ultimately you can only leech for so long, and I’d like for BD to live as long as possible. BD as it is will not live on forever, but the more time we buy, the more chances of one of our own plans working out (we do have ideas for the future :slight_smile: ) or hell, something else.

We have a lot of constructs to bring in players and still bring in new ones that way. If they’d all stay, we’d be back to full in no time… but sadly there’s still some issues there. Though of course all can’t be achieved realistically either.

BattleGalaxy costs us pretty much nothing extra, beyond some time. Which is why I decided to fix it a little bit and see how it does… I heard people like how Josh, Elcy etc go about it there. It serves as a way for them to learn, so either way it helps as well. Josh is an event admin, but Elcent is a traditional one and if players end up satisfied with him and wanting him on .com, he’ll go there. :slight_smile:

Gotta keep recruiting fresh blood and all that. So yeah, that’s to be honest the main advantage galaxy offers right now. Soon we’ll try something else there, I’m thinking of trying to deal with Galaxy’s community totally differently and seeing how it works out - it may not have been our best idea to treat it as’s since it’s such a totally different group of people…

Or maybe it’s not, but the great thing about BG is, we can’t really screw it up that much so we can experiment a little. :smile: I think that’s also to their advantage - they get cool events and such that we wouldn’t dare on .com.

Frankly, we would have died had we let things go on as they were (we already reached the point before) and we crawled back up. Then we fell back down. Crawled back up again. Eventually BD will go, that is inevitable as it is with all games, it will either be replaced (good ending) or it will die alone (bad ending - what we work to prevent!). We keep it alive to offer the BD experience until we can offer an even better BD experience for the 5 years after that. But that one will die too one day.

But that said and done, BD isn’t getting any closer to its end lately. We’ve bought it years it shouldn’t have had, and are still buying it more and more time. The biggest issue it faces right now is with server stability, but bit by bit we’re heading to the big fix there (dependent on the other team, it’s an infrastructure thing that can’t be solved unless certain other things happen first. BD wasn’t designed to scale this much… But we expect some improvements again very soon, and already had some.) and then it’s mostly just making it more fun here and there (something in the pipeline there too!).

Will that bring us lots of new players? No not really. But… those players don’t really exist. By all means, there’s still a frontier we intend to explore, but BD isn’t going to be a smash-hit in the current market, it’s no candy crush, not even a Super Mechs. It’s a strategy game that takes some character to get into, and we’re kind of fine with that. Wouldn’t have it any other way. BD is BD and that’s fine.

We already took steps to buy it lots of time, which worked. We have a new strategy, which also worked (swimmingly). We’re still taking a few more steps in a few directions. But there’s no “and quick”, bd is at worst stable and to put it nicer, it’s much better off than it has been in the past. Doesn’t mean we can’t and won’t grow a bit more, we plan to, though I hope you’ll keep in mind we’re doing a lot better than our platform (which is pretty much dead beyond us) so there’s no easy wins anymore like there used to be, the thousands of players they sent to us on a hunch no longer exist.

There’ll be fun things to do this summer, and after this summer. I wish I could tell you we’re about to go Candy Crush-level popularity, but we’re not and that’s fine. We’re BD, and we happen to like being BD. Just… bit more BD in the future. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your concern!


I messaged alex the first day I was told about bot colonies : Fucking get rid of them.
He didnt listen and they only needed a year to kill the game


And since then we’ve had a 2-3 digit percentage more income, players and retention.

I have no regrets about that decision mate, though opinions differ and perhaps the road you would have taken things would have worked much better.

But many roads lead to rome, like it or not, and it did its job: It took us out of the danger zone, and since we’ve been back in the comfort zone.

But perhaps we’d be sitting on thousands with your way… Very possible. I’m not an expert, certainly I dont know everything. But this was the idea I had, and at least it bought us time.


Are we allowed hints into these ‘fun things’ like special event eras?


We’re going to do a survey somewhere in the next week to figure out people’s opinion on the administration, we hoped to do it last week but we had some problems to deal with. Based on that (and the poll we did before… :slight_smile: ) flick some worlds around and see what kind of world to open. Will open it with a bit of something special, and see what happens. We’ve figured out that closing worlds doesnt make players join other worlds more, but we’re not sure what effect opening them has.

Worst case scenario we close it again and people had some nostalgic fun.

Best case scenario we keep it open and offer players more of the type of gameplay they want right now.

Besides that a bit of a broader thing, and some smaller things. But I think that’ll be the main piece of interest for players this summer.

Elcent is doing something super cool for the community as well :slight_smile:

– We’re still figuring out what we want to do exactly post summer (end of august/start of september) as usually that’s when we have to convince players to come back but we have some ideas and some things ready.


My way? Man it would have been awesome.
No bot colonies ■■■■ yeah!


Sounds good :slight_smile:


sorry for revive this post but , as i come back to game not long ago , how hard is to implement this game on mobile since is a pretty awesome game for a mobile user . or a harder thing to take it out of flash player and implement it on pc , on platform like steam , this are just suggestions and i know it will burn a lot of money , man but i have so many friends from this game , so many memories and these days is so hard to play , constantly disconnects and stuff like that :smiley: anyway thank you BD for all <3 hope you`ll never die !


The thing about mobile is that BD is too complex to play on mobile it has a lot of menus which wont make proper transition if its brought to mobile


Doesn’t sound much like an opinion lol, but alex already responded to everything you said

Capo I love u but I feel this is greatly misguided

I don’t feel AI hurt the game at all. Conquers are nowhere near as strong as resource outposts are for the whole alliance (I could go way into the math behind that but you understand how the game works). Only issue I can think of that AI cause is the power inflation, but judging a book by its cover is always a bad move :slight_smile:

What I feel is hurting the game is the lack of integration for getting new players into it. Which is an incredibly difficult task in its own right. (The BDA has been doing a good job lately which I commend them for <3)

mostly hardware limitations if I remember correctly, annon is correct :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news about this though?


i heard something about it taking place next week. not 100% sure tho


I expect m3 , pls dont do it