Advertise your supermechs videos Here!

Go ahead and advertise your youtube here and get subs! figured this is a good way to get subscribers. please subscribe to mine. i have a goal. 500 subs by may 1st 2019
heres my youtube:

also check my blog thats synced with my google:
for all who subs, thank you

Alredy ‘‘unsubed’’


im trying… seems like a legit goal.
and why unsub? not mad or anything. just curious on why

When you see this—>’'
It means it’s a sarcasm. Called quote
Soo i’m still your sub.

:smiley: thx u.

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Hey guys,

While we are very happy to advertise SM videos please keep it just to SM and not just advertising youtube channels. We don’t allow advertising on the forum.

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AND we have a very good …

  • SuperMechs

  • Youtube Vids

… thread :


Here the link to my YouTube Channel (99% SuperMechs vids) …

There is category for this :slight_smile:

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Can someone please move this to yt sm category?

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didnt know that. while i DO make sm vids… i dont see whats wrong with advertising. but rules are rules. i shall change the topic name