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Ok I kinda need a clan and I am hoping for a good one, here is a bit of player info
User: ddark515k
Level: 150
Rank: 7-5
ID: 18298484


Dude… with those items and you’re only rank 7-5??? You have my most wanted stuff!


How with it your lower then r4 ? 0_0


3 words dude, Rank One Smurfers


You’re always welcome in Taco Tech


Sure, That is if you want me



i am online now btw, just farming bigboy 2v2




I can join now if u want XD


sure, if there is space, cant check right now


привет хоч к нам в клан


hey dark wanna join my clan?


@DDark_515k join Galactica today! With you help, we can reach top 50! Shameless self promotion! Yay!


join dark we r 41st in the world and have killed every titan so far