Adopt a Newb Section

Can I please find someone to teach me the ways of the game

My time zone is Mountain Time

I would like to learn through the game messages

I am new with 2 months of experiance

I would like it to be taught in English

And I would perfer someone who can tell me all they now, throughly


Hello, Mr.Master. i have written you a message on Earth 2 regarding this. i can refer you to the Battle Dawn Academy. Do you perchance have Discord? Otherwise i would be glad to help answer any of your questions and help in any way that i can. I’m not the best, not even close. but i know a lil bit.


I do not have discord. Or really much media at all, so game chat it is. But thank you

I would highly recommend having a skype or discord as that is what 90% of the experienced players in game use to contact one another to make plans and coordinate (don’t worry, no one video or even voice chats, it’s just for the group text chat ability). However, that isn’t to say you can’t play with the ingame chat only. I’ve played with a few who manage to do so fairly well :slight_smile:

@Elcent @EnerGY @Jaymah
Could one of you guys help accommodate this player with a mentor :slight_smile:


Thank you for the recommendations on discord or Skype, but my parents don’t want me to. So if you have any tricks or tips on chat, please let me know.

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Overall the game is really about communication. Once you get the hang of things, sure you can do some solo things, but the biggest thing has always been activity and coordination. So long as you’re active enough that your teammates can reach you in the game chat, you’ll do just fine.


I am on at least 2 times every day (some exeptions) and try my best, so I think the game chat will work.

Mostly am on for at least 3-6 hours a day though

which worlds do you play at now, Master? also tell your IGN…

All of them. But i dont kow what IGN is

IGN - In Game Name.

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