Adopt a Newb Centre :: Supermechs Version


Holy dam, This is the best Idea I’ve ever seen…


Thanks for listing me as a potential mentor.
But I think I am quite far from being in a position where I can be called good enough to teach others.
I myself just swim around between rank 5 and rank 2 somewhere most of the time.

The only two advices I could give are

1.) "Focus on one target per mech offensively and 1-2 targets defensively.
E.g. Offense:
As a heat mech focus on either overheating (Mass Heating + Cooldown reduction) as a mass heater or damage (Explosive damage + Exp Resist Drain) for a damage heater. Do not aim for mixing these.
E.g. Defense:
Either build a counter against one type only or a good setup against 2 types per mech. Do not try to build a mech that works against all three types.

2.) Do not neglect your heat and energy engines and mass boosters.
These modules are the key to victory.
Even if you change your mech type later on, those modules would still be needed for the new mech setup, too. So unlike weapons that you would change out those modules would still stay in active duty for your mech.

That is all I can say.


i can be this one?


@Misfit, what if you list a couple of specific requirements to become a mentor and mentee? Can be helpful, if not, then algoods


Waiting for my pupil.
How do we proceed @Misfit? You make the matchmaking?


I like this would really help my brother
Has anyone signed up yet :confused:


I would like to help with people trying to build a phy mech
I only know phy stuff not heat little about energy
IGN physical king
Time zone Not sure but I live in Hawaii so I will go with that
Language English
Preferred type to teach phy little knowledge on energy no knowledge on heat
mentor or student mentor


IGN: Anoobis
Time zone: Philippines Time (PHT)
Languages: Filipino/English
Rank: 5-6
Discord Tag: ClockWork#8531


Time ZonE: UTC+02:00
Level of Experience: 3+years
Fluent Languages:German, Hungarian, English
Preffered build type: Heat

altough i am a old player, i feel that with the game updates the previous experiences not always apply fully (at least in my case), which means with every new update i still need to learn new things, and adapt accordingly

however if the high rank players (@Misfit, @lordgorgon, @Transcendant, @Yeet, @bestplayerintheworld and the others) feel i could be of any help, i would gladly help out


To be honest, ive lost touch with lower ranks.
Needs and game play are different from a rank to another.
So, considering your experience, i think youd do a great mentor.


thank you
(my low ranking right now due to mainly of the lack of the “right” equipment because i am a f2p player)


Can I sign up for one?



Something like BDA? (Battle Dawn Academy)

  • IGN: Scarle- t Dragonfly
  • Time Zone: -gmt6
  • Level of Experience: acceptable
  • Fluent Languages:Spanish\English
  • Preffered Build Type: Heat Enrgy Pysical
  • Student or mentor: student


What do you wish to be a Mentor Or a Student? (feel like this helps misfit more).


Student editing my publication I had forgotten to put that … :sweat_smile:


we have our first match!

I can pair you with @yeet. you are of the same time zone and you like to build the same type (heat). if you need further help for your other preffered type, physical, come to me for additional advice.

knowing the time zone where you usually stay is what I want so I can find you a mentor who will be available at the same time as you.


Missy… they are about the same rank…
I think they need a more experienced mentor…like Rovo or Flushy…
Just my 2 cent.


rovo and fluxeon didnt sign up, so cant really pair him with them shrug