Admins Please.. It's about time


@hankdog dont make a fool of yourself by talking about an era which isnt even being discussed here

what u are on about is e3 era 80
we are talking abt the present m2

ps- mike was dead on e3 and tom knows why i took the xtals and i did not make a scene out of it


@Lord_Eddard_Stark [quote=“Lord_Eddard_Stark, post:166, topic:3073”]
Tom : No i consider that farming, you actually have to war them or kill their armies to get the crystals

i killed the guy from whom i took the crystals so sssh please
just planting at the end of era and reporting doesnt mean u know what went down


Topic again derailed.
@Alexander Please publish your set of rules which you had prepared.
I think we would all like to see it.
That way we can end this issue fast.


This topic if it would been started any other time it would have stayed on topic , but …

This doesnt seem like a “we want rules” instead it seems more like “we want either Tom to give Sasuke his crystals back or Alex to take back Milans”


Patience young padawans. It’s coming. Just fine tuning atm before it’s put up for public viewing


I think this is the crux of the problem for most people. One admin can arbitrarily do something, another can arbitrarily do something different, and when we ask for one standard to hold all these admins to we’re told to wait. Can I wait on following your rules since I have no easy way of knowing them until they’re broken? Not really. I’m held accountable for my actions as if the rules were in stone, but an admin can always hide behind the rules being vague and flippant.

I personally prefer a looser rule system with more admin intervention, but there should definitely be some basis for us to discuss what is allowed and what isn’t. That basis would be a set of rules somewhere, not personal experiences based on admin moods.

I cba to quote it, but I saw earlier both Korupt and Malice talking about how being an admin is a job, but not a very well paying or easy one. From what I gathered it seemed like they were using that as a justification for any inadequacy in the quality of being an admin. That makes 0 sense to me. Any job I’ve worked I’ve ran the risk of being fired for not performing up to standards, not the other way around.

If the admins can’t keep up with the workload, maybe we need new admins?


Well, quite honestly, this has been par for the course for years… To say it’s “unexpected” is kinda… well, a lie. None of you here are “new” enough to not know that these rules have been in grey areas for years now. You all know it’s grey area. But you see 1 world go 1 way and decide, to go for it. But it’s been like this for YEARS. 1 admin does it this way, 1 does it that way. Because it was up to the admin’s discretion to interpret the rules of the ToS. Admin seth said he would ban me for taking crystals because I would be “crystal farming” even though it was an enemy of mine who simply said he’d rather I get them than the other enemy he was facing. That was nearly 4 years ago now. These grey areas aren’t new and none of you think they are “new”. It’s simply that you caught inconsistency in 2 relatively close eras now with different results.

Now, we ARE listening and coming up with the new rule set for all admin’s to follow so that moving forward, we can eliminate these inconsistencies (or at least greatly lower them). With that being said, do not hold what past experiences occurred. We KNOW that some rules will be acceptable now that weren’t, or the other way around. WE KNOW. It doesn’t entitle you to compensation. We are moving forward, as per your request. So we no longer have different interpretations on same scenarios (for most part at least)

As for this, sure, you can say that. Then you have new admins with zero experience. You REALLY think they’ll handle things better? I can assure you, they will not. You are basically asking for MASS chaos for MONTHS for a HOPEFULLY better future. It could turn out, we fire current, hire new. The new screws up, gets yelled at by masses of players and staff, then quits. Now, we got 5 worlds with no admin and a need to fill the void. “Progress”.


just cuz something has been happening for a long time does not mean its ok in anyway its bluntly unfair for some people


that still cant be used as a justification for sub standard performance
if they feel like they cant be replaced then why would they care about their actions



Maybe I’m just naive, but typically when people need to change out staff they don’t jsut fire them all at the same time? Typically, or atleast what I’ve heard from managers of multi-BILLION dollar companies, you bring in people and have them train under your current staff before removing the current staff. At the very least you can replace parts of the staff until you have completely new staff.

I think you’re generally an intelligent person Malice, the problem I have with what you’re saying is that you’re taking what we’re saying and then putting your own spin on it or pushing it to extremes we aren’t asking it to go.


Now instead of further adding to the post, We should wait for @Alexander to release the rules.
This way we can avoid further fighting.


How is there even an argument about whether or not farming your sub is legit? It. Never. Has. Been. Since. BD. Started.

How is this even a discussion?


But, but, but HE KILLED THEM

“Hey guys, just sit on your colonies while I nuke and farm you, K? Thx.”

^^ That’s how I imagine the conversation goes.


the qustion is a certain some1 farmed his allies and his own team excuse was he killed them it was ok now its not ok so we are demanding to know why the hell is that so
answer is diffrent admins diffrent rules now we asking for the same rules pretty simple really


I think it went more like "Hey empty your colonies and put your shields down, my friend is going to conq you and take all the crystals. Then hes going to leave his shield down and ill conq him.


Let me simply put this out there. What EXACTLY is it that triggered this topic to be made? Because I can assure you, this EXACT same scenario popped up prior. Why wasn’t it escalated up like it is being done so now? Why didn’t players report and complain, etc etc. Did they? (the short answer is yes, they did). Very honestly, this type of thing has come up before. I remember them coming up, being discussed and people walking off mumbling of unfair treatment but accepting things as they were. No change needed. They accepted the grey area.

Now! You have someone actually pressing to make it more standardized in the staff! That’s great! Be happy! You are LITERALLY getting what you WANT here (and still complaining somehow).

You say it’s unfair. Yes, it is in a sense. But it’s been brought up countless times with nothing being done in the end. So i’m really only saying, be happy. We’re working on it right now.

As for the staffing - yes, usually staffing changes more often in jobs. However, please point me in the direction of willing participants that you TRULY think meet the criteria you are looking for in an admin with whom is currently here playing (won’t up and leave out of no where, accountable, good with people and dealing with high stress situations, active, good with responding to players in a professional manner, won’t hold grudges, knows BD in and out, keeps best interest of the game itself over the individuals that play it, is unbiased in decision making, the list goes on)? Then to top that off, how many of them WANT the job? Have you known that Alexander has been looking for potential new admin’s for months now? Do you really think he hasn’t gotten a plethora of applicants? Why aren’t we swimming in new admin’s right now?!

As for admin’s being held upon by their job performance, you are correct. Why is it you think that Joe and Tom HAVEN’T been fired?! It’s not because they are the only ones left. It’s because they actually do a great job a majority of the time. Out of 40 some cases they get a month, 1 blows up exponentially. The other 39 were handled without an issue. The last 1 involved 1 very loud player that has lots of friends and influence and they didn’t get what they felt was their just reward.

It’s never good to hold 1 bad review over someone’s head and ignore all the good they did. Sure, they’ve no doubt made mistakes. We all do (I FRICKING PUT GALAXY 3 IN HAVOC ON TICK 8 AND WOKE ALEXANDER UP AT 6AM IN THE MORNING TO FIX IT). All admin’s have stayed relatively consistent in their own worlds as MANY have stated. You just decided to blatantly ignore that factor.

Now, you are asking us to standardize and we are doing so. What more is there to complain about here?


It’s escalated more because all of the people complaining play on the same team.

It is almost literally a single group complaining right now.


I honestly haven’t read everything about this topic but perhaps you think what is happening in E1 is that us giving our crystals to @Senatus is cheating just like sasuke96’s friends but we’re not a sub so it’s really not the same thing, not by a long shot. Passing crystals to your own team mates is allowed and i know of no admin that goes against it (and if it isn’t, may GOD strike… this reader dead!) as i asked more than 1 admin on Skype so comparing what is happening in E1 with what mister sasuke96 did is invalid and here is why i think that:

The admin isn’t dumb mister @sasuke96 .
Warring means that the person you killed has to fight you, not just let themselves be killed which i assume is what Tom caught you and the people in question doing.

Tom specifically told you not to do it as it would be farming (CHEATING) in his eyes and you did it just to spite him, that wasn’t blind greed to be considered a mistake, you simply disrespected Tom and that was it. You should thank Tom for not banning your @ss and ruin your Boat instead of complaining about it because that’s what i would have done just to spite you back if i was Tom. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re saying this like the fact that it has been brought up in the past and unresolved is a good thing…? Does that make sense to anyone else?

I’m pretty sure the last 5-10 Joe worlds I’ve observed he has been often WEEKS late to doing things he’s promised to do. To the point where I have to ask OTHER ADMINS to do his job in which case they reply that they have ALREADY BEEN DOING HIS JOB and have GOTTEN IN TROUBLE for it.

You guys are standardizing? Where? I’d like to see what standardizing has been done. Where are the rules? The meeting transcripts or chat logs? What progress has been made? Where did you start and where are you now? Where do you need to go to have it finished?

I don’t even play this game anymore and I’m in here debating up a storm because management has ALWAYS been an issue since I started playing. The players aren’t flawless, and I don’t expect the admins to be, but I would expect that when we have problems and voice our concerns they’re taken seriously. The only thing I’ve really seen is YOU deflecting the blame and saying 'its not our fault we don’t have any progress to show.". None of this makes sense to me, and apparently it doesn’t make sense to much of the rest of the community. It needs to be fixed.


can see a lot of people from different teams complaining about the same thing and honestly the fact the game has no common rules is sad regardless of who is in that position there has been times where I was on the better end of the admins whim
Anyways the fact that our demand is pretty fking reasonable no matter how much u try to dismiss it regardless of whatever current stupid soon to be forgotten drama spurred this topic THIS IS A VALID DEMAND
Asking to have common rules across all worlds i pretty logical I still do not understand why you are trying to dismiss it