Admins Please.. It's about time


Because we didn’t have rules already. This just makes it set in stone universally. So Tom doesn’t enforce something that Alex doesn’t mind and vice versa.


the problem isn’t the fact that rules are not black and white. the problem is that some players get special treatment while others are banned or punished for doing either the same thing or playing by the rules but not being liked by the admin for some reason. an example is how one player was allowed to crystal farm their friends on one world while another attack a genuine enemy and take their crystals and the admin rolls back changes to make sure their favorite player stays at the top. favoritism. the rules don’t have to be black and white to fix this. there just has to be no bias. i understand some people have their favorites, but that isn’t something an admin should have.


While I agree with you, the case of Sas getting his xtals taken wasn’t about favoritism, it was more just Tom having a different opinion on what to do than Alex did, leading to this unfair situation. Should all be sorta fixed with the list that will drop soon. Community can vote to change anything that seems stupid.


is his opinion “lets punish players that attack their enemies”? that’s not a different opinion. that’s just stupidity. the idea of the game is to attack your enemies and take all their shit. what’s the point of playing a war game if you aren’t able to take an enemy’s stuff without it getting taken away by an admin?

will Sas get his score and position in the BOAT he deserves and earned?


I agree with you that it was stupid, and yeah I don’t think he will, which really sucks. If the rule shows he should have kept those I hope an admin steps in and changes his score.


lol they won’t change anything. if they do, they will get a message from Senatus, after which they will apologize to Senatus and perm ban Sasuke for trying to beat Senatus’ score.


mhmmm for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


@Carter @Kaen the very fact that two admins responds to a similar situation in different manner is the reason why we need a universal set of rules

Ignoring the favouritism bit for a bit, why give the community a chance to complain @Malicewolf @Alexander.
Bring out a universal set of rules and shut the community up, let us know what is allowed what isn’t and don’t leave it for us to figure out
At least if we know a certain event A isn’t allowed, then anyone and I mean anyone doing that would be banned
There would be no scope for favouritism to exist then, and if it did, it would be very transparent


Nobody wants black and white, but nobody wants worlds with vastly different rules. You can’t say that E1 and M2 were the same, at all. I think enough of us have shown that we’re passionate enough to help. I get that this stuff takes time, but it really has been long enough that you’ve been at an impasse with each other, not us. Things need to change… I think it was Josh who said this, but make a damn poll. Make a poll and have opinions on rules - do them one at a time, do them in bulk. Let the community decide. And for the ones with close results, let the community debate. And throw in your ideas as well. I don’t think many of us actually want to see the game die. Most of us say shit, but end up returning months, or years, later. Everyones said they wanted to quit at least once.

tl;dr - @admins, make polls for rule sets and let the community debate amongst themselves, while throwing in your own constructive ideas on how to make a worldwide, non black and white rule set.


i do agree with u but that is still in the same scope of what i said if admins have general guidelines they can judge the situation and asses the length of punishment for example on colony planted to spam an admin might ban it a temp 1 day ban with a warning
however a 100 colonies would require a permanent ban I do see both your point and mine are in now way against each other . However what we are arguing about is how some admins might ban spammers and others won’t (just an example might or might not be true)
we want consistency across all worlds thats all
also not every1 can afford to boost i am just replying to some1 who said first tick bonus is useless however i completely disagree with that (not saying wether admins HAVE to give it or not thats another topic)


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Sasuke asked Tom if he could collect his allies crystals, Tom says no, sasuke tries to do it anyways without killing armies and it gets reversed.

Why is this even creating such a firestorm? He knew the rules and instead of fighting like he was supposed to tried farming them anyways with a lame excuse…


If this is the reasoning behind all this (well, obviously it was) then I have to disagree. I know people like to shit on admins for having favorites and all, but let’s just for the record be clear.

  1. Alex allows taking crystals from your own alliance, not from subs. This was known beforehand.
  2. Tom does not like crystal handing at all. This was most definitely known beforehand.
  3. Come on, a “genuine enemy”? For genuine enemies these guys sure were naive, having shields off with no units on colony.
  4. If you were to ask Tom, I’ll wager you a fair amount thaht he would not name me as his favorite player. In fact it shouldn’t be hard to find me complaining about Tom because he always tried to screw up my BOAT eras (in my opinion anyway)
  5. Favoritism DOES NOT EXIST. Even logically speaking, if there was to be favoritism it would be for players like you over players like, since you bring in a lot of income. If we were to ask Alexander right now who he would rather have leave, you or me, I’m sure he would say me. I do not boost, people get demotivated against me and I’m sure some of the admins would argue I am damaging this game. They have literally 0 reason to favor me, and as far as I know and as far as the facts support, they never have.

I understand it’s all fun to troll and shout favoritism when your favored player does not get what he thinks he deserves, but this is how Tom has always been to me in the past as well and this is how Alexander has always been in the past as well.

I agree with Tom here in that I don’t think Sas deserved that score. If he did then I would like to retroactively also have some players on my BOAT eras raised in scores and given medals, since they had been allies but Tom forced me to completely obliterate them because otherwise it would be seen as crystal farming. Mind you these weren’t even people I knew, they had just been convenient allies in some wars.

Honestly, the fact that there even is such an uproar about all this makes me really question how smart it is to have the community have a say in these rules. Whoever shouts hardest, complains most and manages to bring most people to the forums will be heard most. Sasuke didn’t kill his allies and tried to get a BOAT without killing allies through some roundabout way after Tom (and me, because he asked me for my experiences) had repeatedly told him Tom would not accept that. No matter WHAT way you want to put it, those are not only rules that are then in place, but those are as black and white as you can possibly get them. Complaining afterwards that it amounts to favoritism is baseless in the most literal sense.

Keep the matters separate here Kaen. We all want a clear ruleset as far as that is possible. We would all love it if admins were all consistent and didn’t have different rules between them. But Sasuke getting those crystals removed was simply the admin doing exactly what he has been doing for years, the consistency we all seem to hope for in these new rules, and me not getting those crystals removed on E1 is also what Alex has said he would do. If anything different had happened than what happened the admins would have been inconsistent, someone would have been shown favoritism, and you would have had cause to complain. But not over these eras.


Here we go again…


There are always grey areas. For instance, what constitutes a “war”? Team A wants to take Team B’s crystals. Team B wants rank 2 and says they won’t fight Team A and hand everything over for that rank 2 position. Team A agrees. Admin steps in and says, “No, not allowed. You must fight!” Team A and Team B talk. They fake a war. Let a few armies or some squads die while spamming and putting up minimum effort. Team A takes all of Team B’s crystals with relatively little effort still and Team B just so happened to not have armies nearby. Team A and Team B “fought”. How can an admin now step in and say they did not? Admin can try to force something like, “All of Team B’s armies must be killed in the process” but that honestly is admin’s overstepping boundaries. It is NOT an admin’s job to tell players how to play the game. It’s our job to make sure that players are playing FAIR.

And as to Milan. Yes, it is true. Milan as a player is great in mindset. He fights and tries to earn everything he does. We applaud that. He doesn’t hold loyalty to such a degree that he would never dream of attacking an ally. He plays to win and makes logical decisions based on that sole thought. To win the game. We applaud that too. But, he also likes to break records and in order to do so, you HAVE to be RUTHLESS. You can’t afford to let people rebuild. You can’t afford to give people a “chance”. You can’t afford to take a “fun” battle. You only take the one’s you know you’ll absolutely wreck. You look to demoralize your enemies (which is everyone).

Milan in all fairness is a destroyer of eras. His BoAT’s have a huge ripple effect. While he earns his rep, he destroys many in the process and on top of it, demoralizes an entire world’s amount of players in the process. Why don’t we ban him for this you may ask? Because he’s not doing ANYTHING wrong. In fact, he’s doing EVERYTHING right. The sad truth is, that is a great way to play a game. If it was an entire team doing this, it’s GREAT. No one usually complains about that. The issue comes when eras get stalled simply due to how the process works (it’s not fast to collect an entire world’s worth of crystals). So you just get more and more people waiting and waiting and getting upset over the circumstances.

So yes, most Admin’s dislike Milan’s play style. Some more than others. It is harmful to their world in all honesty, but it absolutely breaks no rules. You can’t ask an admin to punish a player for playing SO WELL that literally no one else could keep up. Milan plays people like the fiddle. You either fall for it, or you don’t. But simply put, sometimes it’s just too late. Milan is an absolutely fantastic ally to have. To turn him down for help is quite honestly very stupid in most cases. The true question though is, can you stay ahead of him before he builds up too far to catch up? I found out I could not :sweat_smile: He skyrocketed past what I could even dream to keep up with in terms of R5 and his activity.

Now, back on topic. We have discussed the general rulesets more in depth and have come up with a preliminary ruleset we wish to follow through with. This will be released relatively soon. They are broad but encompassing. I believe an admins job is not to determine play styles, but to keep play fair. Players have made it the responsibility of the admin’s to determine what is considered the right way to “play the game”. That is something that should be on the players and community however. IMO the admin’s have coddled player requests and made them too dependent on admin’s for every little inconvenience that comes their way.


Seriously though :

Sasuke : Hey Tom im going for a BOAT this era, am i allowed to collect my allies crystals?
Tom : No i consider that farming, you actually have to war them or kill their armies to get the crystals
Sasuke : goes for it anyways
Tom : Does exactly what he says


Thanks Josh. Hopefully that’ll be a good starting point

@Lord_Eddard_Stark I’m only here because I find that unfair. I realise he asked and all that, but bottom line one player on one world shouldn’t be allowed to get away with something another player can’t simply because of the admin on that world. Especially when boats are concerned, because that is a game wide aspect, not just confined to an era.


Also Stark, the real zinger is is that if Sasuke farmed his own team it would’ve rendered the thing completely legal… apparently you can farm your buddies if you’re going for rank 1 boat but not rank 2 on Tom’s world’s… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I partly would agree but if you are going to go for a BOAT you have to take into account all the circumstances. I’m not saying that makes sense, I am saying that is the way it currently works and anyone complaining about past eras doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The eras I went for BOAT on Tom’s eras I knew full well that had some extra problems, but then there are other potential advantages to it as well. He releases more crystals than Joe, that makes it easier generally. Then there is E1, which is Alex’ round. I’d argue that round is harder than M2 was, but I figured I’d go for BOAT there anyway since Alex had been releasing lots of crystals these past eras. If we’re on the subject anyway, I’d like to argue about how it was unfair that my M2 had less crystals than this last M2 even though I think my M2 was more competitive than this last one was. It’s just the way it is and you take it into account.

Again, I’m not saying I wouldn’t like for it to be the case that all admins thought the same way and released crystals the same way and were just as active. But complaining about what happened? Everyone could have told you this would happen.


That also made me think to say this. But do realize, the new preliminary rule sets are keeping the future in mind. Not the past. If we are to make progress, we can’t be anchored to past experiences. We must move forward with what is the most logical. We realize that some of you feel “wronged” in decisions that seemed inconsistent between worlds or eras. That is why this conversation has been brought up in the first place and we will move forward together with the new rules in mind.

Also, do realize SOME worlds will still require some WORLD SPECIFIC rules. We will do our best to ensure these things are always known however. I know that I will always ensure everyone has access to any rules I have for special events. But due note, I said access. I cannot force people to read the rules, but I can enforce them when they had every chance to see them.