Admins Please.. It's about time


Well they are… its funny and no harm to anyone, this topic was getting borring with long boring msgs and repeating same shiiit all over again and not doing anything about it


where are Beso and I :frowning:


I prefer my dead horses to be beaten and pulverized to a pulp thank you very much!


Ok G, let’s back to the topic.

Can u make it public ? Or at least take some brains to think along with the non brains(Admins) ?


@Carter I couldn’t even find a black donkey for me :frowning:


@Alexander yes please put up the rules you were about to set.


Well dw, if Alex releases a list of the rules, ill film myself eating josh

edit: or better yet ill release @Swagger’s beauty :wink:


Just make me admin :kissing_heart:


I would say this is another thing that’s too bad if you choose not to boost. Does it make it harder? It can slightly but in no way insurmountable. You just have to play smarter.

As to energy malice again summed up my point well. Some things we can cookie cutter but so often I’ll have someone that wants a ban for a colony spamming them. When I played that was a part of strategy and the game. In fact many of the things some of the best players of my era did would probably have some newer players crying out for a ban. For us it was just another tactic. Now let’s say you get a guy to drop and spam, that’s reasonable. I have also seen and personally dealt with people that planted more than 100 colonies to spam, completely unreasonable and I’d in no way expect my players to put up with that. As I said not every situation is exactly the same so we cannot always act in a manner of this action begets this ban length. Take for example a swearing ban. Now one guy curses in response to someone that has been goading him all era long with one previous warning. Now take another guy that is banned every era he plays for harassing others or foul broadcasts. Do they deserve the same ban? Personally I say no. You must take each situation as it comes and act accordingly.
I understand the point of this topic and do agree to an extent on need for set rules but I am wary of this action means this ban absolutely.


Just for the record, Tick 1 bonuses are a convention, not an established game rule. I don’t think I have ever sent any kind of message saying anything along the lines of “There will be a bonus on tick 1”

In fact, I specifically aim for AFTER tick 1. Whenever anybody has asked me about early bonuses, I have always described it as a tick 1-100 bonus.

Whenever I send a bonus on tick 1, I get complaints from people who joined in tick 1 after I sent the bonus (even if I sent the bonus in the last few minutes of tick 1)

When I send a bonus at tick 50, it’s not because I’m sat on my ass.


Yeah, I have to agree with Tom, it’s Joe who says “Tick 1 Bonus”, which u can wait for after tick 200.


I say one of the new rules should be to remove the early bonus.


I don’t know why the tick 1 bonus became something that’s talked about here. We are asking for a universal set of rules - who tf brang that up? Admins should be able to do whatever they want with bonuses because it only affects people in that world - also it gives free res to poor people like me :sleeping:


The proposed rule set will be posted publicly for a discussion once ready.


@Theo i wasnt pin pointing it towards you :expressionless: but from what i remember tick 1 bonus used to be kind of a reward for players to plant early
anyways this isnt the topic of the thread so no point discussing
we can talk it over on pm :smiley:

but seriously i wasnt pin pointing towards u


if boosting is the only way to for players to gain early score then RIP for the players who dont boost reds

if its a FREE strategy game as they claim ( then people who dont boost should at least be given a chance to survive
first tick bonus isnt stupid it helps quite a lot of people out (talking from my noob days)


@Psi hey now pin pointing :stuck_out_tongue: i know who said what but this thread is not to target the admins but give feedbacks in the most humble possible way



Yeah, I agree with @sasuke96. Even @Alexander says the game is really bad for new players and ppl still wanna “limit” them, as if they weren’t limited enough.



The game itself is free to play. In game purchases available.
The tick one bonus is merely a courtesy to start things flowing, but never was a rule set in stone or something.


Should let things run as they are , all know what happens when BD tries anything knew , CE2 (an era with no tick limit) , E4 (faction event) , E3 (era79 or whatever they talking about). Even heard some people were not happy with Bots being introduced in the game as they stated they dont come online to fight against Bots (Although i am not totally against it).

And now we are gonna make a whole list of rules and enforce it on players and admins. I have a feeling that soon only Bots will be left to play this game.