Admins Please.. It's about time


This thread has completely derailed.It was just asking for a better rule system.But people are now attacking the admins and the good players just like in other threads.It would be better if we can just talk and discuss like gentlemen and women and try to sort this issue,Rather then taking knifes out and cutting each other throats.


Hey guys :slight_smile:
Ilona here…
Somebody said to me on skype that my name got mentioned here (and btw I HATE 3 word forum games) and I was thinking about replying or not.
I really wanted to reply immediately since it was always a hot topic over here, and I really wanted to hold my breath and don’t reply as I am simply gone and have absolutely nothing to do with the game anymore.
Well, guess which small devil on my shoulder has won :smiley:

During all the years as admin, CM, head of admins, or PM, I sticked to my rules. You can probably still wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me if something would be bannable and I could tell you yay or nay (from my side).
But I am disconnected to the game and to the company and I believe its now with Alex in very good hands.
All I can distribute to this discussion is how I handled it. This I’ll write down as I do think the poll in the other topic about it is misleading and unclear.

I don’t know if I am much of a help, but here are my (old fashioned) standards to which most of you played on my servers:


  • handing them over just to boost someones rank and getting him/them a benefit - BAN for both parties
  • taking them from allies or even teammates when they are under attack - OKAY
  • Taking them from an inactive member who will/already did quit an era - OKAY

OPs and resources OPs:

  • taking them from subs and allies just for the benefit - BAN
  • sniping them when under attack (even from subs) - Okay if ETA was matched or -1+

Hiding relics:

  • in any case OKAY. The player(s) used an ingame mechanic and this cannot be banable

Placing op’s on water etc:

  • okay. Same as above - ingame mechanics that everyone can use as well

Changing teammates late/recruiting last minute:

  • All fine

I could add more, but imo it would just confuse more.
What I would like to say before I leave again for months or years is:

Every time one admin changed something or established a new rule on his server, he f**ed it up for all others.
As for example the tick1 bonus. What the heck is the purpose? How does that help???
It makes players angry who joined later as they were barely able to catch up, it doesn’t help the income for Tacticsoft, it creates anger if not given out on tick 1 or 2.
But well, one admin started it and so all players demanded it on all servers. GRRRR

Same with the bonus for taking all relics.
It was established by one admin on one server which was stalled and boring.
For other servers, it added a shitstorm to the game: Subs handing over relics, Relics got bought etc etc.

In my opinion, as a player of the game as well as an ex-admin I would say the following now:
I don’t want to have any admin doing any decision or any change of rules on his own.
I wasn’t perfect - for sure I wasn’t and so are they. No one can foresee all alone the impact of a new rule and mid-game there should never be one. I do agree with the majority here that simple rules should be implemented and must be followed on all servers.

The simplest one is (again my old fashioned thinking): If an action has a huge benefit for one party and there was no urge to do it - it can’t be right.

That’s my 2 cents- Ilona out again :smiley:

Cya guys!


talki has taken has got us where we are today. Time to take action? and man the guns boy


thank you for adding more rules. what worlds will these apply too? my head is starting to spin so much rules i have to remember for each era. When we asked for a change to spice things up this is not what i imagined. Good job tho guys :slight_smile:


Shouting at the admin and being disrespectful is only going to make things harder.
What @gipsy told is what the rules should look like.


@Alexander How about this,you guys establish a rule set and let us play a era with those rules,And then make a poll and see if we liked them or not and let us suggest changes to it.


i dont shout at anymore i have respect for those that conduct themselves well and are not plain sturrborn and bais. I have discussed with admins sutff to help the game for years and years and people still give me that same old bullshit (just talk to the admins and sort something) ive played competitivly since 07/08. My fault i wasted so much time on this game with deep regrets but thats not the issue, the issue is they sit on their thumbs. They tell you they dont. they tell you they will update shit soon. But this game hasnt changed in years. since the agentspy thingy. Everything is repetitive and boring.


I wasnt aiming at you and telling that you were shouting.I was just telling that in general.
Even i agree that it has been a long time since any updates or action has been taken.


I said it before, i’ll say it again. BD hasn’t had a dedicated Dev in years. YEARS. So saying we promised updates… that’s just plain false. You likely heard, “we’ll do our best to bring new things” or something along those lines. At the moment, the only reason any updates are happening at all is because Alexander is dedicating his time to doing so. But he was not the original creator of the programming. So he has to cipher through the coding first and then attempt to make changes (without breaking the game mind you).

Aside from Alex doing this, there is no one else who will bring you changes to ingame mechanics. Because there is literally no one else who can bring you changes to the ingame mechanics… Sure, the admins can try to make something new to keep things different and appealing, but do take what Ilona said to heart. Every little thing implemented often has ripples. 1 admin did tick 1 boost. Now it’s DEMANDED of us? It’s something NICE that we decided to do, yet it’s expected of us? We gave out discounts to players on boosts. Now players are DEMANDING that I put discounts on my world? Really? It’s a nice perk that I can do for you guys.

I will continue to do events separate from the norm, but I do so full well knowing that there can be lash back and I always make a point to say, “This is a one off event”.


Even i agree first tick bonus is useless and stupid when everyones getting it.If you want extra resources just boost that way Tactisoft can a bit more money.


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because it actually benefits non red boosters greatly if there is no one tick bonus it is more heavily dominated by tokens



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he is offering a tribute to the great lords of bd to reward us with the great blessing of rules Guarav