Admins Please.. It's about time


Oh, i see how that happened :joy: Kinda funny actually imo.

But coding - 10 relics required for victory.

Looks like even coding can interpret that differently as “victory = rank 1” :joy::joy:


Please explain. Why should something be allowed on World A and then be prohibited on World B?
Why does each admin need a seperate set of rules? Why not just one set of universal rules?


I made a community poll thread, maybe swap the discussion over there.


We don’t need a poll!
Alex already has a set of rules (universal).
But the administration doesnt fully agree to it yet.

If the administration decides to finnaly put universal rules, all that needs to be done is
1.Alex’s rules to be re-viewed by the administration & experienced players.
2. Rules be Announced on every world, Forum etc.


I was under the impression that they couldn’t decide on certain factors. Maybe community voting would help them decide what is allowed and what isn’t.


Perhaps because of the world settings. E1 and E5 are very different. 10 man alliance vs solo world. Suddenly, some things just don’t seem “fair” in the rulesets. This is why Joe created a different subset of rules for E5 in the first place.

It can range and vary on soooo many situations. Obviously, Mars and Fantasy doesn’t have to worry about the relics in the water rulings.

And then you got me here now. I focus heavily on setting my events up to be very different from the norm BECAUSE I feel that changing things up every so often brings a breathe of fresh air. With this, I always make new rules to try to cover any possible abuses. E4 Factions, Schoolyard Showdown, King of the Hill, BD Battle Contest; all of these required that I created a new set of rules specific to the event and world. Some more than others of course. The sad reality is, players LOOK for places to abuse rules. You want to find the loopholes that you can get away with to take advantage and put yourself above the rest (as a player).

I believe what you did will be beneficial @Legacy

@Energy I was saying before, telling us to hurry it up does nothing to change the current situation. Instead, the community driving some of the direction in hopes of swaying our current stalemate is (imo) the next best step. So what Legacy did was great and what I was trying to push you towards doing with my statements before. Do realize, I am no longer simply a player of this game.


i do agree it is quite funny from a coding prespective from a play prespective though nothing is more frustrating :slight_smile: specially if the admins say something what u said r1 is according to rank and exact oppiste happening


Yup, i’ll give you that one. But granted, I don’t think this has happened before in the past. It’s actually quite a difficult feat to pull off. Period. The difference in power should be immense, which would beg the question, how in the world could a team with 10k+ more score not be able to take down the other team? Even with stalls. But point I was getting at here is that it’s such an oddball scenario, we didn’t know the for sure answer. The coding of the game took “victory” as auto rank 1 (which is understandable). Usually when you say “victory” you think “rank 1”.

And @Legacy - Took a look at your poll. I think it needs to be tweaked. As it is now, those all seem like clear cut answers except for maybe 1 (crystal handing).

How to tweak them all, can’t say exactly. Some of them have SOOO many scenarios that are inclusive to them… Like xp farming. Of course everyone will say “no” to xp farming. But the real question here is, where is the line that the players think Admin’s should take an absolute stand on? If they start spamming the enemy while conquered by said player hitting them? When they are constantly attacked and seen building only armor against the same player but making other units against other players?

What constitutes a conquer farm? Why can’t it be a player planting as JW and not willing to fight their conquer yet but they happen to be friends? Malice of Wonderland had me conquered in JW on E1 and then I joined JW tick 600ish. If I had decided to hit anyone prior, should I have been considered a conquer farm by admin?

The issue here is the cut off. Which is why in my list, you’ll likely see some surprising answers that I put. Like, allowing planting to spam and allowing planting for conquer farm.

These are the hard questions that we as admins have to deal with every day. You’ll find you’re having a hard time even coming up with how to phrase the questions, let alone answer where the clean cut line is that admin’s should intervene.


@Josh, the reasons you bring up are why Alex is so in favor of just a few simple global rules to live by.
The rest should be up to the player base to deal with.


Yup, I’m fully in favor of that as well. I’ll step in when it’s needed. But otherwise, my opinion is, figure it out. It’s an inconvenience for you? Oh well. That sucks, but that’s what an inconvenience is. Hive spammer? Why the heck your hive so unprotected? Someone joined enemy team last second? So what? Why isn’t your team prepared to turn due to unforeseen circumstances? And if it’s just an “inconvenience” again, then same as above. Oh well. Just cause a baseball player is great at hitting fastballs doesn’t mean he can yell cheat when the pitcher throws a curveball his way and he strikes out. It’s the hitter’s job to learn how to deal with it better in the future. Not the pitcher’s job to cater to the hitter.


youre all wasting your time on this. We are bitches


I love reading these threads just to see everybody complain for the sake of complaining.

If the Admins (actually) did anything they’d constantly be berated with crap like , “FAVORITISM”

When they try to sit back and let things go unless it’s blatant it’s “OMG SO INACTIVE”

I don’t blame them for having a laissez-faire attitude. Ya’ll are a bunch of babies who would find literally any excuse to complain for the sake of it.


youre partly right but clearly you havent been on the end of toms retardness or joes ball sucking on players such as plo.


we like complaining, and no one with a brain yells favoritism when admins do their job, and this isn’t about admins being lazy lol


No one cares, get out of here pls.


as i mentioned before people cry favoritism because the fact that there are no clear rules so some1 will always be screwed over
however i wonder if there was some way the admins could have clear guidelines to do there jobs so people dont complain a good name for it will be rules the community should really make a thread demanding these things would be a good idea


nope they cried when someone made a clear guidline as it wasnt constructive in there eyes, and if its not constructive enough they claim that person is not doing his job right.

How about stop trying to be constructive over everything and do your job. Admin the game, give clear indications so we know what were working with. As i said before NOT EVERYONE talks to admins (cos most of retarted or inactive) so they would play one era like e1 see retards farm there own team. then they would play another era and try do the same thing. but thye would get banned for it. Then they would get hit with the sorry that rule only applies on certain eras. And as usual admisn would try to justify it with there “constructive BS”

I bet putting retartds like @youssefkh as admin would make thngs more interesting


We’re working on it currently. As stated, there are some issues currently and we’re trying to work through them. At this very moment however, we haven’t come to a consensus that works and are working as best we can in the meantime.


plus there are players like @trajic1 who keep blowing admins daily to get there wins and get unbanned while cheating and some players who farmed there team on m2 but others cant on same world i swear funniest stuff ever


apparently money paralysed admins from the waist down, so blowing doesnt work anymore. need to find new ways, i am not that creative