Admins Please.. It's about time


nah ele i was just pointing out an inefficiency, didnt want to drag it
not quite related to this topic so ill stop here


i wish the suggestion thread is given more attention.

sadly it’s not. i doubt any admin looks there. hence you can see why it’s dead.


Sorry, the statements bout witch hunts wasn’t directed at just you. But at the general masses. There is a big difference though in how things could be done. Can’t tell you how many messages like the below come though on even the tiniest of mistakes not caught immediately.

Hey Tom,
I think there’s something up with so and so. They are doing something that doesn’t seem legit. Can you please look into it
Tick or 2 passes, hasn’t been seen yet
YOU AHOLE! YOU’VE DONE NOTHING AND NOW IM DEAD BECAUSE OF IT. DO YOUR FRICKIN JOB! YOUR THE WORST ADMIN EVER. #$$% U. BD IS GOING TO SH!T. I WASTED HOURS OF MY LIFE ON THIS CRAP posts topic on forums, tells all friends, gets a flock to leave BD, scares off new players, makes a bunch on colonies with profanities and BCs on worlds

Change the scenario to whatever circumstance you want. But that is essentially what usually comes of whatever case it is.

There are constructive ways to go about things, always. But childish acts like these just make admins hate their jobs. I VERY honestly took this admining job with the mindset of “Hey, i’m going to get paid for people to yell at me for every little thing I do” Not lying. Tell me that’s not a bit sad? The only reason I took the admin job is because I knew it’s the best place I could try to help make change for the better and I do love this game. Maybe not all of the players though. Some of you have very very short tempers and perhaps some keyboard tourettes.


if i was to pull of something like that i wouldve done it long back, admins are obliged to check in once in 24 hours and as long as they do that they are doing their duty just right i think 90% of the players are aware about that
but for the people who loose their cool and vent off to admins, can u really blame them? they need a punching bag and in the eye of the player the admins represent the game
so they take the hit

if u are playing and someone plants a bunch of multies just to suicide into you costing u ur early era expansion or/and your army
would u want to continue playing the game??
as @Swagger said the crappy environment has alot to do with these rage comments


let’s not change the topic here.
we only want to hear what the admins want to do.

What we ask is to refine the rules and announce them. make sure they dont have any loop holes.
So that these rules can be followed by every player & admin.
Now if a player breaks a rule, he can be banned/ punished etc/
If an admin sticks to that set of rules, no one would have a problem right?

i dont understand the reason why this is taking so long.

(and lets keep this as less offensive as possible)


It seems everyone agrees with having clearly defined universal rules , but who will implement them?


everyone has yet to agree on that.
This is why we are arguing here.

Who will implement them?
The management ofc
If they need some help from the community on it, they can just openly ask about it.


Admin’s don’t program. There are no dedicated Dev’s to BD anymore. It’s Alexander. He can’t make every change we want. Instead he’s stuck in bureaucratic hell like these topics right here trying to get things done because that is also his job. So let that sink in too. Every complaint you guys escalate up is PREVENTING the very things you WANT SO BADLY to see done in terms of game changes. And sadly, things like this don’t get fixed quickly due to how grey every scenario is. Using our LEGAL system as an example again. Things are subjective based on the judge (which you all stated is us, the admins). You get mad because 2 people make 2 separate rulings based on similar circumstance but different interpretations of the rules.

And as for “not answering” I’ll repost this here.

As I said, telling us to “hurry it up” isn’t helping. Giving us evidence of what the collective whole wants, does. Telling us to hurry up keeps us in the EXACT SAME SCENARIO WE WERE IN BEFORE WHERE THE ADMINS AREN’T ALL ON THE SAME PAGE AS TO WHAT SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. We have NOT come to a conclusion as to whether or not we shouldn’t ban those who plant just to spam, and so on, etc. Hence, you haven’t gotten your list.

Make your own polls and give us RESULTS. Otherwise, we’re still stuck in our little loop of “well I disagree with letting that happen!”


I think the ball is in managment’s court. I suggest Alex comes up with a list of rules. makes a seperate forum post with said list of rules, and have the community vote.

Then with the results of the votes, host another round of voting till management + community can both agree on a list of rules.


Alex already has this list. The fact that admins were disagreeing on things is why it wasn’t submitted to the public yet. And he actually said this exact thing earlier in the topic. He’d be happy to share it and let the public help. But no one bothered to answer to that. Instead, they continued arguing that we haven’t been doing our jobs correctly.


Doesn’t matter if the admins don’t agree. We aren’t setting anything in stone, post the options and see what the community thinks. Then revise the rules based on community input and admin input. Then put a revote, with revised rules.


again i tried to keep this as less offensive as possible.
it got a little off topic but sorry.

alex has a list. thats great.
But they’ve been on hold. And they will stay on hold for a long time unless someone does something.
Which is why i’m waiting for the answer from other admins.
When will you answer us? @admin_joe @Korupt

And also thank you malicewolf for the rules you provided.
But right now it is only followed by you. We need such rules followed by every other admin (universal rules)


Yes please @Alexander


Sigh This is what you guys are asking for right here. Alex already said, make a poll if you want immediate rules that are strict and serve only the administration. Doing so however, WILL result in exactly that.

The other option. List the scenarios (go ahead and use my list as a foundation. Pretty sure it covers all that Alex had on his list already tbh) and get a GOOD amount of players to vote on the rulings.

Asking Korupt and Joe to check the forums isn’t going to provide you with much honestly. They simply don’t check the forums that often. And before it’s stated, no checking the forums constantly is NOT in our job description. By no means do we “have” to check the forums as part of our job admining. And if you wonder why said admins don’t want to check the forums often… well, I’ll let you all think about all the nice things you have said about admins in general here on said forums. Just think on the general attitude towards admins


ì mentioned them because they have yet to agree on universal rules.
sorry i dont know they don’t check the forum for updates and how the community is.

So what you mean is we make a poll to decide? but why ? everyone in the community wants the rules to be clear and announced. It’s pretty clear the lag is from the administration side.
Alexander clearly stated:

Which is why i feel whatever the community votes/decides won’t matter because one of the administration don’t agree on it.

But If you insist i will make a poll regarding this issue.


a lot of the rules can be clear for example there was a rule for e3 one era that people cant prolong the era by hiding relics in the middle of the ocean afterwards same exact thing happened rule got cancelled THATS THE ISSUE some rules CAN BE clear cut i am not saying make an admin bible which includes every SINGLE move the admin can make but ffs the rules can be way better than “depends on what the hell the admin is feeling like”

another one comes to mind is when an alliance is holding 10 relics and r2 does that make them the winners? “shouldnt it did happen and the admins answer was oops nothing can be done about it”


The poll alex was specifically mentioning was whether or not the community just simply wants immediate direction from the administration to set out clear stated rules.

MY suggestion is to take things into your own hands. Us (the administration) are stuck unfortunately in disagreement. This is now pubic knowledge. What makes you think this will suddenly change now that you asked us to rush it?

From a player perspective (as I was one just a few months ago), this is when the community must help drive results. Not simply complain. How to do that? Well, me personally, I’d make a poll and see what the general consensus is. And pray to god it’s not something like a 50–50 split on rulings (which honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens on some of the less clear cut things).

But who knows, seeing 80% of 100 votes saying we should rule something a certain way could likely sway some decisions. Maybe on some we’re currently stuck on.

Me personally. I’d like to just have a pinned topic here on forums that is linked on the welcome message of every world automatically (and clearly states, “here are all world rules”). This topic will have the general rule sets for ALL worlds as well as any world specific rules if there are any. We can leave it up to the admin’s to update world specific if they are changing anything (of course, prior to world starting). But this doesn’t change the fact that the general world rule set hasn’t been established yet due to differences in opinion from admins.


Sorry for double post, but here is clear answer to this. There is nothing wrong with rank 2 holding all 10 relics to win. 1st place is still 1st place. The team holding the 10 relics will still get their extra blue reward for meeting that requirement and the world will still start countdown as the requirement for that was met. It’s not a “oops, nothing can be done about it” situation. It’s simply the situation. It’s up to interpretation of individuals to decide who the “true” winner was. The one’s who collected all 10 relics under rank 1’s nose somehow, or the rank 1 who’s power was so great, 10 relics couldn’t offset the rankings.


nope a case happened where the 10 relic holder got the r1 blues award plus the relic bonus as i said i am not here to witch hunt so i am not mentioning names we need rules though for standard things in bd which a lot of them lack


I spend my time with the game checking my world’s the forums are honestly less of a concern for me given my time restraints. I work 65+ hours a week and drive about 100 miles one way so again my time with the game is dedicated to my player base on my world’s or those that message me directly. I wish I had the time to read every post on the forums as I used to but simply not possible.
That being said I do agree with the points malice has made all through out this topic. My own little added bit of info is defined cookie cutter rules are great to an extent but as you all know this is not a cookie cutter game. Any time you introduce a mass of players from all over the world it becomes more difficult. We do the best we can but what is done on world A that gets banned can be quite different from something on world B which you think should be banned. Admins do have more access to information in these cases and it can become a bit of a judgement call. We do the best we can with the information we have access to and I can guarantee you that if you disagree with something and wish to talk it over we will all gladly listen. Notice I say talk it over however not throw a fit and sling insults and accusations.