Admins Please.. It's about time


I believe the difference on e1 was that Alex allowed TEAMMATES To pass crystals, but to get crystals from our allies Milan had to go around and kill their armies.
Idk, its a tough situation but we’ve all played this game for a while. We all know Tom is one of the toughest admin on both crystal farming and bans in general.

My opinion on BOAT’s is that it isn’t something that should be easy to get, it should be hard to attain. You should fight for every single crystals, every conq, every res OP. You need to play so well that people will remember it for eras to come. Its brutal to say this but your mistake was farming crystals from your sub(yes that technically was farming). If getting the BOAT was that important you should have killed their armies and taken their crystals.

I do agree that the admin should at least be consistent a cross all eras. I’m not quite sure how there was ever so much wiggle room in the first place but something like an admin written wiki of rules(not player written like we have now) would be cool.


Funny enough folks, you’re pushing for us to slap down FOR SURE rulings right now for you without realizing the consequences of us doing so. IF we do put down a list of rules RIGHT NOW as you want, then you will be immensely dissatisfied with it. Why you ask? Because it’ll go to ONLY enforcing rules that we can ABSOLUTELY determine. Meaning, banning for TV without any proof. Never going to happen. Planting for the sole purpose of spamming. Acceptable. Planting to join an alliance and build armor for a single battle? Acceptable. Planting to become a gate on an otherwise inaccessible place? Acceptable.

Us making an absolute ruleset is will mean we will be robots that follow only our predetermined set of rules to follow and abide by.


^ I put those in all caps and bold for a reason. Please don’t think of this as me yelling or being angry, it’s simply to make sure you notice the important parts. It truly truly is the PLAYER BASE that WANTED this much ADMIN INTERVENTION. PLAYERS are the one’s who complained and complained for an admin to intervene on anything they thought was “unfair” and the admin’s responded in kind by making subset rulings to help them. The issue with this? Obviously, grey area forms.

No handing over crystals without a fight?
Ok, then i’ll ask someone to place and “put up a fight”.
We step back and don’t intervene?
“So and so is cheating the system and just farming the world for a new record”

If we implement rulings right now without discussion? Then this is simply fair play. No admin intervention will be done. EVER.
Players joining alliances with sole purpose of building armor to turn a single battle around? This is fine. It’s part of the game and breaks no actual rulesets of the game itself. Heck, technically, it’d be fine to immediately kick that player right after the battle and bring in someone new again (so long as it wasn’t a multi).

Someone plants to help a friend by spamming enemy in their hive during a war? Fair game! You can call it “grieving” but it really isn’t. It’s simply inconvenient for you as a player.

So I ask all of you, TRULY think about what it is you are asking for. The reason this process has taken a longer than expected to come out is BECAUSE of all the grey area involved that we KNOW you THE PLAYER BASE will HATE if we keep it entirely black and white. Compromise is difficult to make when it comes to some of these things. Please be patient and CONSTRUCTIVE in the mean time. Help us to help you.


We understand all this, and I for one think Admin intervention is not only helpful but essential, however the problem comes from different Admins being on different pages. I think this forum is basically saying we’re all happy with the Admins stepping in, but they need to be stepping in for the same reasons, otherwise it just becomes too vague what’s allowed and what isn’t. We don’t need a strict set of rules, as long as everyone is drawing the line in the same place when it comes to the grey areas.


Fully understand that. And that was the point of my post when I said

It’s because us, the admins, have not come to all the same conclusions on what should and should not be allowed as well. Yes, we argue as well about what is and is not acceptable.

And sadly, the player base also is smart. You guys set each other up sometimes just to get an edge. I’ve known of players who ask friends to plant and spam their hive so that they can call out the other side and gather up some xp while they’re at it. Seems crazy, but sadly, players will do ANYTHING to get ahead rather than do the work themselves. Hence, people using TV in the first place and people placing multi’s, etc.

I’ll simply say this. Make a list. Put it here. See how players react to your list and watch the chaos ensue as everyone argues about “x being acceptable and y not”.

This is happening already with the very few admins we have. You’ll see in about 10 minutes why the admin team is having difficulty as everyone here on the forum will have a 1 off scenario


So you mean to say : we don’t need clear and well defined rules?

you mean keeping the rules as vague as possible would let the admins decide what to do in the moment?
And where are these rules again?

Again im making my point clear. I’m only asking for clear rules. So that when i see someone who isn’t following the set rules, i can report them. And now IF what i saw was real, the admin will have to take action. If he doesn’t, i could call that BIAS.

If Admin intervention is a must under certain circumstances.Then when the admin can interfere must be made clear to every player.

And why are we still against universal rules?
I said it’s fine IF we have exceptions to events and worlds with a big alliance size difference.
Like E5 or a Duo world.

But different rules on different worlds based on different admins? wtf ?
Next time please state : I won’t let you do “x” on my server, so u can f off if you dont like it


Nothing against universal rules. I’m saying, demanding them right here, right now will only cause you heartache. That’s all. They’ve been sitting for a while due to complications in what’s considered the right decisions.

Using this topic as a pushing point towards helping those goals is one thing. Creating a witch hunt (which this topic was slowly turning into) is another.

Keep it constructive. Right now, you are complaining. Give us constructive criticism and suggestions right now instead.

Atm, you are saying “x and y did this, and a and b did that. WTF?!” instead of, "hey, these things were inconsistent. Let’s discuss what SHOULD be the ruling here.

Atm, you’re not moving the convo along at all. You’re EXACTLY where us, the admins, are currently. Arguing about and no decisions being made.

Think of all the possible scenarios that are common enough, give a list of what should and should not be. If you want change right now, then this is how you do it. Otherwise, nothing changes on our end. We’re still arguing on what’s right and wrong for YOU ALL. The only thing you’re doing right now is telling us to hurry up. Your not giving us any new info to speed the process up with.


i agree 100% with what @EnerGY has to say. The game clearly needs a universal set of rules else who is to stop spammers from planting on a world and the admins go like “Hey in my world spammers are allowed”

if crystal farming is allowed in a specific world they should declare it in the useless news feed which they have where they declare all the useless jazz of the era to be fun and exciting and what not bullshit

as for admin’s sweating it out @Alexander tell me when was the last time tick 1 resources sent out on time.
The admins set the timer for the world to reset dont they?? isnt it their duty to be here for tick 1 to send out resources as they promised in their message??

@Senatus not everyone is aware of the fact that different admins follow different rules, i myself got to know about that only once you made me aware of it


ok scimming through the thread man this is a nice thread i do get where malice is coming from where the clear cut rules come in but then again each time the admins intervene it means screwing some1 over thats where the dissatisfaction stems from the community can u really say that every1 is treated equally if there are no clear rules? history proves otherwise there are so many examples where people were favored in certain situations while others were not treated the same in almost the exact same situation I mean i can give cpl of examples my self but this aint a witch hunt thread this is a discussion
Admins are needed malice to act like judges but judges themselves have a certain book they abide by to make all the trials fair we dont have that book and thats what so many of the people are demanding
honestly its a long overdue book


this isn’t the first time we talked about clear rules.

Does this mean 6 months isnt enough time for a proper rule set to be introduced?

I don’t understand how you are taking this for a witch hunt. I’m trying to be as less offensive as possible.

I’ve complained all i can , yes.
If you clearly state now that if the community suggests a new set of rules which would be implemented i’m sure everyone here would be glad to suggest.

I’m only arguing because the admins are NOT coming to any conclusion yet!
please let us know.

Are you willing to give us a clear set of rules or not?

If help is what the admins need, everyone is ready to do what they can. none of you asked us to yet.

And finally, How long do i need to wait till i get your opinion? @admin_joe @Korupt


Not quite lol. It’s based on other worlds resetting as well. We keep things rolling fairly consistently. And by no means is BD a full time job as an admin. If you truly think it is, then I’m very sorry to inform you. But we aren’t feeding our families here with this job. Meaning, we have other jobs and responsibilities as well.

Now, could the admins try to step it up a bit? Sure, probably. Does all of your constant complain’n and bitch’n make them want to? Probably not (just saying). It’s kinda like yelling at a food server that they’re horrible at their job. You’re gonna have to worry that we spit in your food and we move on with our lives.

As I said before, you want immediate rulings set. Then the likely answer here is, all is fair game so long as it doesn’t directly interfere with the ToS (which interpretations of such is why we are currently arguing this).

My personal interpretation?
Multi’s - Ban (don’t care if you’re “brothers”. Play separate worlds).
TV use - Ban only with absolute sufficient evidence (skype is not evidence).
Foul language - Warning 1st time, then ban (if in short succession)
Handing crystals - Fine (it’s yours. Do w/e the heck you want with it)
Planting as farm - Fine (as I have absolutely no way to know if they planted specifically for that purpose)
Planting to spam - Fine (foresight. Random colonies near your hive. Prepare. If they come out protection tick 1, they can only armor inf spam. If you can’t handle, you got other problems to worry about).
Joining alliance for 1 tick - Fine (You’re own fault if you don’t plan against these things imo. They’re now stuck with useless member for 24 ticks unless they bring in an entirely new player to replace that’s strong. Which there’s nothing wrong with that either imo… I fought GML. They switched players from main to sub the second they died and had 30+ players in their subs).
Account sharing - Ban (pretty damn self explanatory)
XP farming - Ban only if absolutely obvious and remove xp from units.
OP farming - Ban
Relic’s in the water - Fine (its simple strategy. Even if it is annoying).
Stalling era to boost rank - Fine (but you’re annoying and i def won’t reward it).


when a world resets and ticks are paused for 24 hours, are admins not aware of when those 24 hours are up
can they simply not put a reminder?? like come on! im not asking for a 24*7 commitment but it doesnt look quite that difficult a demand
also there have been times when the tick 1 bonus are rolled out at tick 50ish so it shows how actively the admins are taking up their job

Now, could the players try to step up their game a bit? Sure, probably. Does all of your cheating and sucking dicks make them want to? Probably not (just saying).


hmmmm? so it’s our fault that the admins don’t feel like doing their JOB properly? now that’s a new one :joy:


^ As for this. Technically true… but do you REALLY want to use the legal system as your example :joy: We got rapists getting off with a few months probation and marijuana use getting people put in the slammer for years. Some murderers get a few years for killing entire families, yet a man killing in self defense gets 20 in jail. Even our law system is EXTREMELY subjective. But yes, sure, it does say killing and stealing is bad. But even that gets subjective as all hell.

“I killed to protect my wife the man was trying to rape”
“I stole medicine because my daughter was dying and I couldn’t afford the $10k medical bills our insane healthcare system has in place”

Sure, sometimes that means waking up at 4am in the morning. Sounds reasonable when you have wife and kids and also another job that pays all your bills to worry about. Why not set an alarm? Those who play and those who admin can have very different circumstances. Sure, we may have all been players at some point, but things change. Sometimes it’s a 4 tick world you’re asking us to stick to all our commitments on. It’s difficult at times. Once again, can admins put more effort in, yes. I’m sure all of us could commit more.

All I’m saying is, when you witch hunt us (like this topic was doing by calling out individuals) I can PROMISE you, it doesn’t make the admin go “OH BOY! I GOTTA STEP UP MY GAME!”. It’s much more likely, “Screw these guys. Not going to try to help them”. When has a witch hunt ever given good results? You get more with honey than vinegar.


I can’t figure out how to quote on my phone, but yeah I agree. We did some dirty stuff on both sides that era that according to tom “fall into a gray area” when discussing it. I’m not trying to bring up old beefs bc that stuff is in the past, but I remember saying constantly during that time period that there needed to be a clear cut cardboard cutout of rules and punishments. Otherwise it’s always gonna be a gray area where nothing gets solved. I’d rather have super strict super enforced rules that hurt right now but way better in the long run.


dude its an example and i am pretty sure u get the point of coarse this is a game the repercussions for an admins decision wont get murderer away with his life but it does cause a ton of frustration from the community


poping this back up so people notice.
i still dont have a clear answer from every admin but tom and alex.


Please work a minimum wage job. Then come back and say that. Sadly, it is the truth. When the only thing you get is complaints for things you can’t truly control, then yes, how people react greatly affect their work. People who hate their job don’t work harder at that job. They go look for another and continue to half ass their current. Welcome to the work force and reality. Luckily, these guys actually give a bit of a crap about the game overall. Even with the constant flak of insults that come their way.

In a perfect world, yes. Everyone loves their job. Reality though. You make a crappy environment, those who have to work the job will respond in kind with their work habits.


again that doesnt mean u give out res bonuses meant for tick 1 at tick 50

and im not specifically targeting anyone over here
all ive said so far is

  1. the game needs a definitive set of rules which is applicable to all worlds
  2. if stuff like crystal farming and shit is allowed, it should be notified in the news feed when every era resets ( dont think im being unreasonable here) for i didnt know alex has always allowed crystal transfer
  3. i pointed out one of the circumstances where admins are slacking a bit (again didnt target anyone, it was in general)


Same thing could be said about them. They give us a crappy environment with their ever changing rules and bias and that’s why we complain. BD has been a toxic environment for a long time now.


I think a separate suggestion thread for tick 1 (or whatever tick the admin would like) resource bonus to be automated could be suggested?