Admins Please.. It's about time


Yeah, I wanna make BD a better game one era at a time :wink:


Going to put Trajics thoughts here in a slightly more constructive way
"It’s not exactly Tom’s fault, tbh admins don’t have a clear rule set to follow. Bd doesn’t have set rules. It’s always been one rule for one era and a rule for another, know one knows what’s right and what’s wrong. I’ve said this for a while admins have been changing every rule to suit someone’s need in the end of the day.(Disagree with him on this point)"


To be fair I think the admins are doing a decent job in general in terms of consistency. Every top player knows that before you do anything that might be questionable you check with the admin (transferring crystals, for example) since admins’ opinions tend to differ on this subject.

The way I see it being admin of BD just isn’t an exact science because if we were to make it an exact science in the sense that it would all be black and white it would be an entirely different game. Exp, conquer and OP farming would have to be allowed and account sharing would have to be condoned to an extent. As long as we’re not willing to allow that, we’ll always have judgment calls from admins.


Careful, no point in turning this constructive conversation into subtle shade.


It’s no subtle shade, I’m simply describing the way it currently works regardless of how people feel about it. If you plan to do something about which you’re unsure whether it’s allowed, you check. On BD this happens more often than people like, it seems. This in contrast to a game where the rules are ironclad and it is always clear in advance what the ruling will be, because as I stated in my post this would mean incredibly restrictive or incredibly open rules on BD.


Now i understand why this topic was started in first place , i am sorry to Alex for writing against him. Shouldnt have got involved just cause some people are angry that they were not allowed to do something which Alex allowed someone to do on E1. My bad . Withdrawing my old post.



I don’t know how much i can talk regarding the game as i have just recently rejoined after a few year’s break.
But i can tell one thing BD is not like how it used to be in its prime.I remember there being 3000 players per server and having full on world battles.One thing i can spot is that the admins have become lazy or lost interest in the game.But everything has become slow,Admins are showing favoritism changing the rules of the era mid era, In the middle of war and sometimes the whole era is won by a team that does not deserve it.
The point i am trying to make is that you need to lay down a set of rules and then follow them yourself before enforcing down on the community


I agree that a change is needed if you want to at least bring some guys back to game and stop adding bots for it to look cool. I have been taking a break for months and im in numerous chats, all i hear is bs still happening. I havent seen a real team play in months except some weird mixes.

@Senatus you’re quite funny guy tbh,you’re like the best example to farming xtals and everything, getting help from admins in everything you do and you still typing here, at least dont act like a cool guy to some of us here who know wtf is really happening. Suddenly for admins the things u do arent bannable for you but are for others ( LOL ? )
. Must admit you have a great influence on those “pro” admins that rule this game

Do smthing…, bring some hope to this game and don’t make it a Admin game anymore, make it a community game with strict rules for everyone, then the game will show whos the real deal in this game, what teams can really play without cheating. Hope you realise best teams/players quit and hate the game already because of this bs. And if you get to ask for opinions please dont let people who have been playing for less than a year decide coz everyone sounds like a pro in here.


well, thats what the thread is saying originally, its about time they define a set of rules. they sit together, put up their “opinions” and reach on a single conclusion, and define the rules.

not just change the rules according to their “opinion”, which changes all the time.


I realise you have a certain grudge against me though I am not sure why, but if you want to discuss me as a player please do make a separate thread for it. What I did on E1 would not have been allowed on M2, that is why I did it on E1 and not on M2. When I played under Tom on M2 and F1 I would not think of doing this because, as I told you, I check everything with admins beforehand. If they say something is not allowed, I don’t do it. If they say it’s allowed, then fair game. I realise admins have different rules on this, as I think everyone knows that not all admins judge things the same way. Some admins end eras early which has been to my detriment, some do not.

Also to be fair, you do realise I would have been able to take all crystals this era even without ANYONE handing to me? You can probably ask anyone in my team, they asked whether they could take crystals (since all had 0 when they joined) and I told them fine as long as you hand end of era. If I knew Alex hadn’t allowed that I wouldn’t have said yes to that and would just have taken all of them myself, that would actually not have made a perceptible change on how the era went.

As for help from admins, can you please give me a single example? I would also be fine discussing this with you on Skype, I’ll shoot you a message.


404 Admin response not found


why did you tag all those noobs? only one of them actually seems to be doing anything. Joe and Theo just log in once every two weeks to collect their paychecks and see which worlds they needed to release relics on 3 years ago.


I do sleep Fei :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fully in favour of some kind of public/community rules review. I’ve always been happy to discuss rules and even run some stuff to a vote (as per E3 with ocean relic hiding stuff) - I’ve also made an attempt to clarify rules that I think might confuse people in my world reset announcements (In the same vein, my E3 reset messages often remind people that relic sea hiding is totally legal)

That said, for this case? I’ve discussed it with Sasuke on skype both this era and last era, so I’ not sure how it could have come as a surprise, or what I could have done to be any more transparent on a personal level. As noted before though, there is definitely a lot to be gained from a mass rules review, and I am most definitely in favour of one, especially if there is community taste for such a thing.


i’ll still play. i just won’t boost.


Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


Not sure what you expected when fighting against someone that is friends with one of THOSE admins (Joe or Tom) lol. No reason to post on here if it was your own team’s fault. Best option you had was be friends with them and settle for 2nd , since that’s safest from admins sabotaging your game. And admins haven’t played in a long time. You shouldn’t expect some of them to know what overhead is.


Dont let this just be another Post in the forums Please do something


This is what we need :

  • A set of new rules that are well defined and clear.
  • The above rules announced in such a way that every player will be aware of these changes from now.

As for the rules, it’s fine as long as they are well written and re-viewed properly. We could have a community discussion whether the new rules are friendly and don’t have any loopholes.

But there NEEDS to be a change or this cycle will repeat all over again.

Thank you Admin Theo for responding. Now i await Admin Joe and Admin Korupt.


on e1 I think the distinction alex made was that he was okay with teammates passing crystals between eachother but would not have been okay with a sub passing crystals to milan so I don’t think it’s exactly the same situation as it has been described previously in the thread.


That will lead to nowhere , they cannot keep everyone happy. For eg some people would want to make rules like no handing over of relics , no subbing etc , while some will be in favour of subbing and handing over relics cause thats how they have been playing or running the families. Still remeber when Seth did that era. where he said that the winning tokens will be reduced if he saw people subbing , so people started using Brother alliances instead of subs. Everyone tried their best to point out how the subs were still fighting undercover as brother alliance , but seth could do nothing cause no proof.

Good luck with that