Admins Please.. It's about time


I’m saying it was ignored (bad thing) in the past. People just got over it and continued on. The GOOD thing is WE ARE standardizing it now.

There are circumstances related to that outside of this discussion. And “promised” is a very strong word (to which I’m fairly certain he didn’t do). You guys take a statement like, “relics coming out around tick 600” and get mad around tick 599 when it isn’t released. Honest truth. Or god forbid, we decide to hold off and tick 700 rolls up and we didn’t release the relic.

Honest truth though, we don’t have to tell you ANYTHING in regards to these things. We could not give ANY of that info to you all anymore as admins… We aren’t obligated to tell you relics are releasing at any point in the era. Period. It’s a courtesy to allow you guys time to prepare. We say we’re releasing garrisons at a tick? We don’t HAVE to release garrisons. It’s simply the admin BEING NICE. We’re essentially PUTTING EXTRA RESOURCES OUT THERE FOR YOU TO TAKE. Garrisons used to NOT EXIST AT ALL. Now you all act like it’s your god given right to be owed these things. These courtesy’s mind you.

As we’ve said multiple times now, it’s being finalized. It’s been reviewed by many people. You can ask Energy himself as he is one of those people included among MANY others. We’re simply making sure we cover all and that all included think it encompasses enough (aka - we didn’t miss a rule). You can wait an extra day. You’ve survived 10 years up to now without these. I don’t think you’ll die tomorrow without them open to the public just yet.

I’ve been pointing things out is all. You can call it deflecting, sure. If you haven’t noticed, there’s been MANY changes to management recently. You are blaming the admin’s for things they’ve been doing for YEARs and blaming Alex for not implementing something he had already started the process of implementing. Michael did not set these things up. Seth did not set these things up. Ilona did not set these things up. Alexander has set these things up. I have been an admin for 1 month. I, for a majority, have been a player under the same stress as you up until this very point. I am simply telling you facts. This is how things have been done for YEARS. Practically a decade. SHOULD it be changed? Yes. And it is. Right now. Yell all you want for what the previous management did/did not do. Things changed over time and rules became more muddled with no real standardization. One off situations caused a slight variation to decisions that were made. Ilona gave you her generalized list earlier in the thread. But even with her list, there are things that popped up during her time here that came up as questionable in the decision making. Perhaps you don’t remember, but I do. Hell, she nearly up and quit because of CE2 because any decision she made pissed people off to no end, even if it was the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION.

You can keep pointing out past experiences all you want. But all the people that pertains to are no longer here managing. They won’t care. It’s not their worry anymore. We’re standardizing to fix the issue now. We’ve asked you to patiently wait for it to come out public as we fine tune it (and we’ve only asked you to wait for like, a day. Jesus). What more can you want at this very moment? Knee jerk reactions to fix things are BAD. The only reason this is coming so quickly is because it was ALREADY in the works.


Long story short for those too lazy to read my walls of text (sorry! :joy:)

We aren’t dismissing your request. Hence, me being very confused as I answer to you all. It is literally being done right now as we speak and has been in process already. I don’t know what else to say to you folks throwing complaints out right now :joy: Give it a few day tops and it should be released (most likely earlier).

And just for emphasis. I’ve said it in my last 5 responses, but it keeps getting ignored :joy:


What? I’ve heard from people all over the BD spectrum regarding this issue. The players that initiated this conversation weren’t all in the same team either.


@Oreo Josh is not lying to you. A standardized rule set is being discussed as we speak and has been so for the past couple of days now.


I never said he was lying .I said that no one has seen any evidence of that. They keep TELLING us they’re working on it, but I don’t even know what specifically they’re working on anymore?

What work have they done? How much is there left to do? What roadblocks do they have?

How can they come up with community rules without having it transparent for the community to see and participate in? Malice told me to talk to energy and the last message I have from Energy says “Stop buying reds”. It doesn’t sound like he’s too happy with you guys either.


See, you don’t even know what ‘promises’ I’m talking about. How about it taking him 3+ days to respond to allegations we had of people cheating? Or when he says ‘I’ll release relics at tick 500’ and they don’t come out for almost a week after that? How about him saying ‘there will be a special event this solo.’ then LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPENING THE FULL 2500 ticks.

You can have fun right off Malice making assumptions about what I say.


Those aren’t promises. They’re statements that he can choose to follow through on or not Oreo. So sure, I’ll go ahead an F off :joy: But you literally just supported what I said. Admin’s discretion on era. Did he literally say “promise”? Your allies all “promise” not to attack you in BD, right? We as admins do not OWE the players these things. We simply do them as a courtesy. All I’m asking is you please realize that and stop acting like it’s owed to you.

As for responses to cheating, he also has NO obligation to answer anything regarding ANY ban with anyone except the person involved. He may have simply been ignoring you, which is in his right. You are NOT privileged to that info. Any ban is between the admin and the player involved. The rest is purely up to the player to decide what he discusses (and lies about).

The new rule sets will be up for discussion, but not fully apt to change by community decision. Community will having a driving factor in some aspects for appeals if necessary. We’re willing to discuss with the community after we come up with what we believe is the correct path forward. The community is free to discuss anything they believe unfair and can attempt to change our minds. It may or may not work, but we are indeed willing to listen. But if the community were to say “we should all be able to multi” we obviously won’t be budging on that.


So, as the admin, they can say something, then not do it and not be held accountable? Its not that he’s inactive he just has better things to do than manage his worlds? Glad this guy is a representative for the face of your company and for your management as a whole.


So wait, the new rules made for the community will have some community input, but we can’t see it until its finished? We’re a 'driving factor in some aspects for appeals if necessary." but we don’t directly get a voice in it? Holy shit that sounds like the most awful way to fix the problem.

You say ‘we are indeed willing to listen’ but you guys don’t listen, you just justify and deflect. If you guy would’ve just said ‘Yeah we fucked up and are working on it. Here is our progress [insert progress here]’ like 100 comments ago this wouldn’t have blown up.


A rule set has been proposed and discussed with some administration input as well as the input of active community members. Said rule list is now being finalised so it can be presented to the overall community as concisely as possible.

Within the next few days, expect to see this posted publically so the community can give their feedback and suggestions on improvements.


Lol, you want the community to be the one’s to decide FULLY what is and is not acceptable?

You want the law breakers to be the one’s to set what is and is NOT acceptable in society?

As for statements. It’s fine to change your mind. Even as an admin. Me saying, “I’ll release more crystals this era” and then seeing players do things I disagree with, I am not OBLIGATED to follow through with releasing more crystals. It’s still my decision at my discretion. You seem to believe you are entitled to everything


So the admins and those cherry picked by the admins make the rules, then will present the rules when they feel like it, THEN if the rest of the community doesn’t like it they MIGHT change it?

That sounds like the best way to come up with a solution everyone is happy about and that won’t be biased at all.


It actually had quieted down so we could be constructive until a few of our community members decided to get loud again. Our fault for not keeping everyone up to speed in here. Energy is one of those active members who has helped come up with the draft.


Oreo, you aren’t being constructive here by continuing to attack the process here. Yes it will come out when it’s ready. If the community at large does not like some of the rules, you can be sure it will be considered quite heavily. There would be no point to this whole process if we cannot please the players. However, there are aspects where players will need to be open minded and willing to adapt and “toughen up” in regards to their gameplay.


Um, I’m not entitled to anything. But I fully expect when someone gives me their word, especially an authority figure, that they would follow through on it. Saying ‘oh I never said I’d promise to do that’ is something I expect from an elementary school kid, not someone working their job. I never even said that changing your mind as an admin was a problem. I said that disappearing for WEEKS durring your era, where other admins have to step in and do the work FOR YOU is a problem. If you want I can literally post logs of Tom explaining how he was getting yelled at for stepping into Joe’s worlds too much because Joe wasn’t doing it.

Infact, here, have some chat logs:


First of all Oreo, everyone who is constructive can and has been allowed to join the Maintenance Team. We’re not particularly picky, the only real requirement is that people seriously just want to help and dont lose their temper, but instead try to get things done. And I guess they must actually understand the game and its problems. :slight_smile:

There’s been a few hundred eras now, the admins have all admined for years and there’s been good and (unfortunately) bad patches. This sucks. As a player, it sucks to stay awake and an admin didn’t release his garrisons, no matter the reason for it. Changes have already been made to some aspect (world pause at end, soon world rewards, perhaps automated relics and garrisons, simplification of the rules hopefully so admins can easily fill in again), The rules are a part of the cause really, another part is just humanity (admins have moved, had children, married, divorced, lost acess to their house, got hospitalized, lost their internet…) - We’ve been working on mitigating that bit by bit but that’s not something to discuss further here.

What to discuss here is/was the idea of a global ruleset. It’s clear it’s desired and most seem to feel like they’d prefer any global ruleset over “rules they may like, but unclear”. In fact, one prevailing theme is that people are both before and against multiple rules, but both sides agree it should be clear.

As for actual rules, it’s not entirely how you put it but you’re not entirely wrong either.

Let me be clear: We (as a company) originally made the game, we do have the final say on rules. Why? Because ultimately it’s up to us to keep the game alive and to make sure any rules are enforceable.

The process we went for was: Rules from the perspectives who managed the game -> Nitpicked and improved by constructive players who fully understand all the consequences. And in a couple of days we’ll run it by the community, and see what they think. We’ll happily look at suggestions, and even give a vote.

That doesn’t mean its democratic either, it’s not. This is a game owned by a company, we love this game asnd we love the community, but ultimately its survival is our responsibility first and foremost. Secondly, it’s not the community that has to enforce rules, it’s the admins. If we can’t enforce it in a way we won’t get into trouble every day, I’m sorry but we’re not going to be doing that rule. :slight_smile:

Grey (hard) decisions are bad for everyone, they always end up with a loser as well. Admins shouldnt be causing losers, wars should.

So yeah, youll get your say and it’ll be as open as reasonable, just please keep in mind that there’s a lot to consider.

Since this topic serves no real purpose except discussing things from ages ago now, I’m closing it for now. We can continue this on a new topic with the actual suggested rules listed within the next two days. That’s when we can constructively reach something again. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.