Admins Please.. It's about time


@Alexander @admin_joe @Theo @Korupt
Where are the current rules?
What the the current rules?

Most of the player base are absolutely confused.

There seem to be different set of rules for different worlds. This is too confusing.

You can do this on E1. But you can’t do it on M2.
Why is it like this?

This game is supposed to be fun. Where a player can mess all he wants to given in the amount of freedom an admin gives him.
Every game is fun when there is no tyrant around.

Admin intervention is too much in this game. You don’t change the way things work.This isn’t fun to the public. You let a player do something and you don’t let another player do the same thing.
You change rules right in the middle of an era.

We have been bearing these different set of unclear rules you’ve shown us for a long time.
But please no more. Don’t drag this forever.

Please this is a request.

Make ONE set of clear detailed rules for the entire battle dawn community to follow. If there are exceptions, make them VERY VERY clear!

Announce them on the Forum. Announce them in-game in every world.
Add them to the welcome message in every world.

IF this doesn’t happen, every serious BD player will be disappointed in the lack of rule enforcement.
Including the ones who support battledawn.

There was already a set of rules but they arn’t taken seriously. Why?
“Every admin has his own set of rules.” - this is the general admin answer.

This isn’t fun anymore. We play the game thinking these are the rules. You don’t follow them. Why even put them up?

Again, 1 CLEAR set of rules in detail that are announced in every world. This will prevent any further problems.

As for @Theo. You promised me a new set of rules for Earth worlds 6 months ago which would DEFINITELY prevent what happened in E3 Era 79.
where is this?

People, let the admins know your opinion on this.
I hope they notice this. Hopefully they don’t ignore it like every other reasonable request of ours.

If you don’t like this post, don’t take it down. Give us your answer.
If anyone wants to know the reason for why i made this topic, feel free to pm me on skype.


Biased management.
People stop buying reds until muddy waters are cleared.


Let me post before it get removed.


#boycott BD 2k17

enough is enough. this has been an issue for years - and clearly stated by alex himself. yet nothing is done about it.


Nope, if that happens please simply report it. It’s not legal, it’s not okay. It happens sometimes by mistake, but it definitely isn’t okay to be punished for something without any precedent. :slight_smile:

Time, mostly. We spent a long time without any rudder at all, essentially people just had to figure out solutions on the go, by themselves, and well…

They’re currently on hold, long story short, there’s a lot of disagreement about it and it takes time to figure everything out.

If you want we can let the players see them, though?

It’s not that they’re a secret, just delaying the vote until I know we can implement them without causing other issues.

Removed the insulting posts but uh: Come on folks, they try their best. They gain nothing from any of that stuff, they just try to make do and make a fair decision in what is a very, very confusing situation. :frowning:

Lets stay constructive, solutions and all that.

If you feel it’d help to discuss the rules now, I can put them open to see, but the admins couldnt find an amicable solution for all worlds. Welp.

Working on it.


E3 era 79 should ring a bell.
The era where Admin Theo was the reason the biggest booster in BD if not, one of the biggest boosters quit.

You just want us to figure out the rules in the game? This is a strategy game … IT CAN’T BE RUN without proper enforced rules!


Time to take a break and let TacticSoft and its administration clearly understand this game has a need for an essential positive change.

Administration agrees with the playerbase yet had unable to change for various reasons. Please, figure this out and solve it for hopefully the last time. It’s been too long already.

My tiny wallet and I will be taking a break from playing Battle Dawn until something changes.



A game is only partially defined by its creators, the community is an incredibly important aspect.

I want to work with the community, just adding a ruleset without discussing it was never an option IMO.

You play it, I’d wager that you’ve had more to do with how its played than the devs :smiley:

If you folks just want rules that are incredibly strict and only serve the administration, make a poll. if it wins, I can implement it tonight.

I reckon you’d prefer we work with you, though :slight_smile:


do you think it will effect?
BD doesnt run on general public reds anymore.


we dont care strict or easy, let it be same for all the players. dont change them when you see your favorite player losing or when you cant see the guy you dont like, win.


Won’t spend any of my jew cash until this dumb issue gets fixed :sleeping:

It’s not hard to make the rules be public and consistent


This is the problem. BD has a clear list of rules, but not a very strong way to enforce them.

People cheat all the time because they can. How can an admin prove that two accounts with seperate IPs are the same person? They can’t.

Same with spammers etc. etc.

The way the game was built makes it very difficult to enforce the rules in place.


bring back bounties!!

the “OWNERS” of this game gave up on US idiots that still play this game.

Its been down hill ever since the CE era’s where they raked in the $$$$$


Have I been gone for that long? Is this that much of a problem?

Honestly if you as the community believe that there is a big enough problem to post it in this fashion then it’s well within your right to do so. However, you have to realize that the BD staff isn’t an all knowing, omniscient being that can constantly bend to whatever new trend is going on these days.

There HAVE always and WILL always be problems with BD, that’s the nature of the game, you can never please everyone. I remember that from when the NC was launched and you could no longer just spam silver packs when you wanted to get unlimited resources…

Don’t boycott the game and just become destructive, let’s all try to band together and make this game as great as it can be, without harming it in the process, eh?


Nah this the opposite, BD enforces them idc what people say, but they got no clear list of rules. Tom stops Sas but Alex lets Milan go. No consistency


Perfect! This is exactly what we need to do. Just bring competition to whatever era you got to, but be honest. Unfortunately not everyone will be honest player.


I might get flak for this, but this game has barely changed in the last 5 years. If you are dissatisfied with it, maybe it’s not the game that needs to change, but you (nonspecific BD player) who needs to move on. Man, I wish I could take my own advice and stop making colonies. LOL.


I was not going to come back to this game for a long time, but G made me want to post my opinion on here. Yes, I am one of the bigger boosters here. Yes i spent a LOT of money on this game. Not the main reason, but one of the reasons I took a temporary hiatus deals with this. The one Mars era I played against PSI and Donovan this became an issue. Everyone should know the situation of a player planting just for 1 battle. Never moved again, did nothing else until he was kicked a week later. Nothing was done. Another example of this, when Tom banned Asarum for “sub farming” about a year ago, in the MIDDLE of a WAR, even though we had CLEAR evidence that it was not our sub, we had BRs with them and more. But tom let the ban stand for 24 hours, costing us his army. He then realized this mistake and gave us the resources the army cost, but did not account for either A-the fact that we had to rush the same army, B- the fact that overhead exists, and C- the exp on the army.

Those are just 2 accounts of my own personal expirence. I agree 100% alex. I dont give a ■■■■ if they are trying so hard that their brain explodes. That. Does. Not. Mean. It. Is. A. Satisfactory. Job.

Find a rule-set, a DEFINITE rule set. and stick to it. Then message me on skype and I might do an era or 2.

Ps-I would not have even posted here, but G messaged me on skype asking me to. Thx G!


Obviously it would be better if there would be a clear ruleset for BD that every admin would stick to and that they all agreed on. Some things are always going to be hard to avoid on BD though, the issue that Kael just mentioned being one of them. In this case it was quite clear he planted just for this one battle, but how does one spot the difference between someone that randomly places in an enemy hive and starts attacking when he gets attacked or someone that placed there on purpose just to help his friends? When does someone place just to be a farm for his friends, and when does he genuinely just get killed while offline? The only absolute way I can see to solve that is to simply allow it all, which would lead to a lot of other problems.

Anyway, I can only very much agree with having all admins stick to the same rules, whatever those rules are.


I could literally go into a whole manifesto about this, but it’s a moot point because there’s always going to be trash rolling around.

We’ve just gotta do what we can.