Admins, Introduce yourself


Hey guys. I have been playing battledawn/galaxy for a while now an i LOVE this game. Just would like to say that i believe these admins the inventors of the game and all the staff are doing an amazing job!
My point of this discussion is to find out more about the admins.

We don’t know much about them ,what they look like, where they from info about them. I just think it would be interesting to find out more about them. I can understand if this might lead to privacy problems etc. for the admins and i wouldn’t want to affect them but i would love to hear from the admins or you guys if you think this should happen. Would love to see it happen! BUT as i said I still want to respect there privacy…



here u go


Thanks a lot never knew there was already a topic like this will go a head and delete this 1 thanks again for the help


Well, that thread is just a picture thread. But i would like to know about the personalities of admins. I know Alexander is a nice guy that watches anime and plays noob games and talks to players (swell lad) but i know nothing about Joe or Tom, and what makes them the way they are (evil).


@Theo @admin_joe @Alexander @Malicewolf do tell.


Aight, well my name is Theo, I live in Sheffield, UK. I’ve worked for Tacticsoft since 2011, and I currently admin E3, M1, M2 and F1. I played BD long before I was an admin, and continued to play when I admined kongregate/galaxy worlds, eventually retiring from play when I became an admin of the main (.com) Earth/Mars/Fantasy servers.

I’m studying at the University of Sheffield, I’m an environmental activist, I ran for election last year and lost, and I’m 27.

That’s the basics, if you have any questions, fire away.


Thats pretty dank. When will you figure out that 50 tanks is not the same as 50 infantry, and start putting equal amounts of troops on relics? And if you need help with geography, i can help you. I know where Italy is.


That’s rude :slight_smile:


You ran in general election?


There should be an introduction for future admins as well, I’m sure @trajic1 would be glad to introduce himself as the admin of M3.


I agree. @Gaurav introduce yourself


future admin of what ?? (u guys see a future of BD :expressionless: )

1k bot colonies are desperate to know who their admin is ??


Oi don’t be a pessimist mate there’s at least 2 good eras a year


Well said :slight_smile:


@Kaen I’m more than aware that tanks are stronger than infantry. What makes you think I ever intended to give relics an equally strong force in each chassis? I’m well aware of the troops that I put on relics :slight_smile:

@Hitmo Local election, you can see it here.


May I ask why you do that?


I thought you would also mention about SKY?


and you didn’t do half bad!


It is nice to know that you place the troops like this on purpose and it’s not a mistake. Now to push the same thing everyone else is thinking, why do you place troops in such a way to give alliances that use inf armies a severe disadvantage? @Theo


Admin Tom - trolling every sane human who builds inf since 2011