Admin Tom Actions


Well Tom teleported our relics right smack in enemy land on E3. Was he drunk or something?

Well yea i get it, he doesnt want the era to be “stalled” and I agree with the rule.But he gave us 12 hrs time in which we had already taken west AA and were not conquered even. If he needed the relics to be moved why right smack in enemy land? why not move our hard fought relics to our land??

Furthermore we still have troops on the relic. Now we have no means of evacuating it…

The relics are given 35 ticks protection some 11 hrs around. I would like someone else to look into this pls before the protections runs out.



This rule was agreed upon in era 74, I know because it was the era SGC played and was a result of the team we were fighting sitting their entire army on a relic and just flying it back and forth over the pacific for a week.
Don’t get conquered and then you wont need to run off to relics


We are NOT conquered. And we are on the offense not defence we are doing nothing like SGC did


You were for 48 hrs , hence tom considered the rule


Didnt i mention Tom gave us 12 hrs? we were back before his ultimatum ended


He told me he would wait for you guys till sunday night , you guys got liberated on monday and hence he put the rule into action


Lets cut the cheese here and say things how they are:
1)You guys were canquered more then 12 hours.
2)Tom didn’t put the rule into action,yet just a lame delay.A real rule,in my opinion,would forbidden the relics to go to sea yet again.
3)Pause on an ongoing era…pretty antygaming move,really bad in my opinion.It is 3 ticketer,but still its been more then 10 hours since the pause.
4)Pancakes or waffels?Or maybe french toast?:smiley:


Your missing the point Yojiro it isnt about getting conquered it is about having the relics Close to land. Well if the admin really wanted the relic to be reachable why send it to SA?? why not in AA in our land we got conq and the relics got tped i guess the rule was followed. He might as well have TPed it to australia just for you :slight_smile:

Waffles pls



Decided to mingle here a little (sorry for the pause by the way, we just wanted to investigate any claims, and felt people should have some time to adjust to the situation, get a bit of sleep… :slight_smile: I kind of insisted on it.).

The main issue here was that while a rule was indeed agreed on 7 eras ago, it unfortunately wasn’t advertised anywhere. We’re working on a standard rule thread which will contain links to world specific rules and be linked in the world’s opening message. Community will get a chance to vote on that.

So yeah – bit difficult to deal with a rule some players know and expect, and the rest never heard of (or had any way of knowing).

The point of it either way is to prevent trolling – We don’t want people to extend era’s just out of spite, ruining everyones time. This case though, they were fighting, they were doing things, not really what it was intended for.

So I have to admit I kind of felt the need to involve myself here – from now on everything needs to be publicly accessible before the era begins and we should be pragmatic and focused on interfering as little as possible, only when something is actively harming the game.

It will be up for a vote soon and if you prefer the old way of relying mostly on admin discretion that’s fine too – can just vote for that. I think it should have been this from the start, though.