Admin Failed Our Community


This was supposed to be a special event, it was supposed to be unique and it was supposed to be a chance for people to meet and play with people they wouldn’t normally get an opportunity to do so.

The admins made this happen, the admin opened a brand new server for this, the admin selected team leaders. I believe the admin had an obligation to make sure this event ran fairly smoothly, and the very least one of the leaders THEY selected or signed off on should NOT be able to screw over an entire team of 100+ people. That is just assinine. The Admin absolutely failed in their responsibility to make the era fair and to put everybody on even footing by placing such an incompetent leader at one of the heads of the alliances - and then sitting back and taking the attitude of “well thats not my problem”.

As a member of this community i will personally NEVER trust a special event or admin sponsored event again. How can we? They literally set a whole team of people up to fail, a team that had an excellent shot at winning the era i might add. The admin needs to either step up and make things right or ADMIT they made a mistake planning this era and need to let us know how they plan on fixing it if they plan on having other special events like this one.


Please delete this, you are talking nonsense!


Wt h is this bs

Things don’t go your way??..blame the admins!!!

Jk ily all😜


We announced the rules of the event upfront mate. Playing it or not was your choice – you knew the rules.

The leader choices were made before the event, no one complained then either.

I get your frustrations mate, but it’s a game, this was a new, experimental event meant to be fun. It’s a shame what happened, but in the end we try our best to create a ruleset we think people will enjoy and then it’s up to you to play it or not.

We did not see this coming - if someone else did that’s on me, because I didn’t notice it.


As stated in other thread. Leader choices were on me. Event details were on me. Do not blame the admins. I did my best to try to foresee anythings that could break the era. Obviously, I missed out on quite a few issues. For that i will apologize. But it is on me, not them.


You did great. It’s ultimately my responsibility to foresee these things.

It was an experimental event, things happen. Just how it is.

We can either risk these things, or we can not run events. The point of an event is that its not a standard era – meaning you can expect weird stuff, positive or otherwise. Normal game is tested over and over again, if we do that with an event the point is goner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That did happen didn’t it?

They didn’t do that? what they’re trying to do was calm everyone down as it isnt getting anyone anywhere and they did disagree with Felipe’s decision. They didn’t exactly kick everyone out of them team.

Everyone is looking for a person to blame, but some people are just being pure stupid.


I did tell you it wouldn’t work josh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Then please feel free to offer your services and do a better job than me. I’ll gladly accept taking all my own free time back instead of investing it all here to help people like you.


Nopy stfu honestly. You didn’t even play it. Josh did great and it wasn’t his fault any of this happened.


Wow this is a whole new level to starky boys stupidity. There was nothing wrong with admins nor anything wrong with Josh, if anything they worked their butts off and risked alot for the greater good of the players. This era was for the game and for future players. You have a right to your opinion but it will be counted invalid as you did not participate at all in the event, just sat there and when things went wrong you were the first to shout " its admins fault ". Everyone had a chance to say something and give advice on how to make this event better and i didnt see you say anything before hand.

Those blaming admins need to think carefully before @Alexander and @Malicewolf worked their butts off and tried to make the game more fun for everyone, bd was slowly dying and got really boring. Just to add when faction era started everyone was excited and thanked these people for the special event. In no way is this any single players fault. Shit happens, we live n learn.


@trajic1 your correct was not admins or josh
there was problems this era but please focus more on how to fix things
attacking people in the forums fixes nothing


what do you expect by having 4 alliances :joy: and people who are to pussy to fight like trajic and carter and cry when you attack them and call you donkey :disappointed_relieved: btw I never blamed admins I just blame players who do shit by spying and helping it was obvious as hell


I really really hope you’re joking. I really do. Trajic didn’t get to where he was now by being a pussy. And Carter is certinately more gung ho than you’re likely ever to be… :joy:


The last thing I’d ever do is cry about being attacked lmao. This was way different. Nopy just quit like you said you were going to.