Admin Alexander appreciation thread


I dont think ive run into a single SM player who talks coherently yet, this is so sad alexa play africa by toto


I didn’t expect you to answer that. Thanks for replying back with a legit answer.

So now, you’re talking about customer support, not so much the forum. I see now. When you say job in that sense, then I can agree with you on that.

I think I know where you’re coming from now in regards to Alexander being so helpful. I’m assuming by what you’re saying now is that Alexander is a shortcut over Jess (a Tacticsoft staff working in customer service).

In my view, there’s a difference between support and the forum. The difference being in the forum, Tacticsoft isn’t obliged to respond to any questions or address any complaints. However, in support, Jess has to hear you out, and reply with some solution to a technical problem if it’s a legit problem. I’ve no doubt Jess will ignore people with ridiculous problems (for example, ranting about the game).

From my limited experience with Jess, he provided prompt customer service and aid to my technical problems. I thought he provided excellent service.

Did you’ve a bad experience with Jess helping you out with a technical issue? Are you talking from experience?


When he ignores everyone making fun of him and continues to try to have a conversation after everyone is clearly done with him speaking nonsensically to he can feel more validation and maybe even buy himself a new fedora to treat himself


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Really? I thought it was rather tame and funny


as if toxicity isnt the exact reason 90% of BD forum users read or interact in the forum anyway


You must be bored. I feel sorry for you.


yeah, im currently invading AA on E2 and writing here between ticks. more fun to troll you and see your reddit spacing than concentrate on killing carter


I assumed as much.


Just letting u know, Carter doesn’t care about E2. Hes on E1 with me where hes active asf.


Post must be 20 characters




i know he doesnt, which is why im here instead of concentrated on the era




I appreciate Alexander so much that I deserve 10k blues just for how much I appreciate him.


you deserve a week-long ban for implying you deserve even a single token.


Praise our lord and savior Alex!


close this :skull::skull_and_crossbones: