Admin Alexander appreciation thread


I think what you’re saying is that BD forum mods also deal with SM flags.


which is rather stupid since BD only has 1 dev but SM has a full team. yet the BD dev takes care of all of us normal people / BD players, and then SM players come crying to him so he ends up helping them sometimes just because of how nice he is. Just because your own devs don’t give a shit about the game or the players (and that has been proven many times). They realize the game is poorly made and that it only attracts immature fetuses, but they also realize that they can make money off of you. so they throw out an update once in awhile to keep you engaged while themselves not caring enough to reply to anyone because they know that when dealing with kids, there will be a lot of drama and crying going on.


well, there is no division. all moderators see all flags, regardless of who they are.


don’t think SM mods respond to any BD topics though. btw were moving a bit off topic from how @Alexander is the best


Alright, Kaen, I got off work and I’m finally caught up reading the forum, so now I’ve time to reply back to you proper. Since I’ve been on the forum, I haven’t seen Alexander much in the SM side of the forum, so I can’t make a comment on him. I’m sure everything said about him is well earned.

Maybe this was the case in the past. However, you’ve been gone a long time now. This isn’t the case anymore.

As I mentioned earlier:

With that being said, now days, the SM community is getting a lot of help from SM staff and of course from BD mod Elcent as well.

For the most part, when it comes to Tacticsoft staff and Elcent, I base my likes on their efforts in helping out the SM community. I showed most liked as well to prove that my likes aren’t based on chats.







I give them my likes because I appreciate their efforts in helping out the SM community. Of course, BD staff/mods do their fair share in helping out as well.

No offense to Alexander with my low likes on him. As I said before, I just don’t see him much on the SM side of the forum.


weird flex but ok
“look how i jerk off all mods with likes!”


Nice way of distorting what I’m trying to say to Kaen.


idk, whatever senseless point you were trying to make was distorted by all the spunk on the screen


What I took from this was: Holy crap he likes more things than Kaen?!


cause maybe he is mostly needed on BD side cause he is the only developer/Admin/TS representative sort of guy we have and only voluntarily chooses to help SM players cause he works for Tacticsoft.


yeah ok, but how many likes have you given all the mods? checkmate


When someone asks me how many likes i have given to others and i realize how much selfish i am


not in awhile.

so is Elcent from the SM side or from the BD side? make up your mind. you’re confusing him for one of you guys.

the point i was making wasn’t about whether SM staff exists. it was whether they answer questions and address complaints or posts. And I recall multiple players that have been trying to get help with something and get no response from their team and go running to Alexander or some BD mod. this wouldn’t be the case if SM team not only existed but also did their job. There is also a post that was made addressing the devs. lemme quote something from it…

wow. what a coincidence. its about how the SM team is ignoring the topic and even when its a non-complaint topic, they dont show up to reply to players.

the idea of this thread was about praising Alexander and how great he is. not to show off how much you try to suck up to mods (lol im sucking up to Elcent and Alexander better than u. learn to suck better nuuub)


Elcent helps out whenever he can. The fact he helps out the SM community is good enough. I don’t see a point for me to elaborate further into that.

For the sake of clarity, my entire quote:

I see you misunderstood me. My bad, I should have been clearer by saying, “SM side of the forum”. After all, the forum is divided into SM and BD. I thought that was obvious when I said SM side.

Still, I don’t understand why you even bothered making a trivial point about this. In the previous post, you even quoted that I acknowledged Elcent is a BD mod.

Quote 1:

Quote 1:

Before I get to your posts on Quote 1, let me get back to your post on Quote 2:

Quote 2:

In regards to technical issues such as bugs, for the most part, I see Tacticsoft (for example, Sarah) is timely on helping people out.

Now in regards to Quote 1, Tacticsoft doesn’t have to respond to any complaints, or even reply to comments regarding them. It’s their choice.

Let’ get into further detail with these comments you made here. Why do you say it’s the SM Team’s job to answer questions and address complaints or posts?

Are you reading my entire posts? I’ve a point to make by showing my likes. It has nothing to do with sucking up. Other than proving my point, what would I’ve to gain by showing my likes? I barely chat to anyone in Tacticsoft.

As I said earlier:

This is the reason for posting my likes:

If you read my posts more thoroughly, you’d have understood what I was talking about when I posted my likes.

So based on my likes during my time in the forum, Sarah helped out the SM community approximately 212 times, SilverBox approx. 54 times, jonny approx. 25 times, Berserk approx. 26 times, Elcent approx. 89 times, and for Alexander I don’t know how many times he helped out the SM community since my likes don’t even register under 22 likes.

No offense to Alexander. As I said earlier, I don’t see him on the SM forum that much.

Wow! I’m surprised you made these last comments. And here I always assumed you’re an adult since you mentioned you’ve a job. Those are immature comments to make. Rip having an adult conversation…


Let’s not go around in circles with this chat. In regards to SM, you made your point clear now. You’re expecting Tacticsoft to answer questions and address complaints or posts. And my reply to that is they do mostly on technical issues. Let’s leave it at that.


When you throw up large meaningless posts, does it usually impress the 12 year olds from SM?


can we just kick this rc1 guy?
this isnt a Off topic post its a BD one


it works kinda like this.

except for we are not only unable to make polls without getting raided by SM players, but we aren’t even able to make ordinary posts without getting raided by SM players.


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idk if your opinion matters tho, Annon.

i dont see you giving mods likes.