Admin Alexander appreciation thread


its only tick 2…

usually admins start ionning me around tick 70, around the same time they give tick 1 bonus. this just proves Admin Alex is more active than other admins


A good admin would send nukes.



This is low-key hilarious


Watch out for The Revenge of Kaen Episode 1


Kaen Strikes Back… :grin:


This has been proven earlier on countless occasions. :stuck_out_tongue:



is that even legal to the game?


No. @Kaen is preparing a lawsuit now


At least they don’t change your name all era long >.>


Just wanted to revive this because yet again I got reminded why we are so lucky. SM players are not able to reach their mods and admins so they go to the BD admin, Alexander. That’s sad.


We just like Alexander because he replied to us when SM mods didn’t a couple times with detail and full transparency. He’s the best :smile:


praise alexander!


I bet admin Alex won’t reply to me. :angry:


Actually, a lot of Tacticsoft staff/mods are involved in SM, although some staff/mods are connected to BD only. From the SM side, Sarah and Elcent are doing a good job helping the SM community. Plus, there’s SilverBox and jonny helping out SM. And with Sarah hiatus, there is 2 more Tacticsoft staff to replace her: Berserk40000 and Smirk.


Yes, but Alexander is BD only. Not SM even a little bit.



So you are admitting that your post was pointless and unnecessary?


No, what I’m saying is SM has a lot of help from everyone, even from people in BD.