Adjustment in PvP rewards

Right now you will get a victory count in PvP but no gold and EXP rewards and no chance for a box drop when you search for a PvP duel and the opponent quits in the selection screen of the mechs or quits in battle before the first move is made by who ever is the first to go.

I would like to have that changed so that a player still gets the EXP and gold rewards as well as a chance for a box to drop.
The opponent quit after all because he had assumed that he will most likely lose anyway - either because his setup is bad against the weapons you have and he saw in the selection screen or because he lost the “deployment lottery” about which mech to send out first.
So it is not the player’s fault that the opponent had just quit before any attack took place.
Hence I do not understand why we cannot get the full rewards for that victory.


But… you do get full rewards in PVP quits???

I am confuzzled

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When at least one shot is fired you get full rewards.

But if the opponent quits before the first shot is fired you only get a victory message without EXP and gold rewards.

That is the issue I have.

Hmmm… I wonder if that’s to prevent abuse?
Dropping games super quick if encountering a clanmate… then giving the clanmate a full reward… that could lead to a ton of rewards in a hurry (esp. if 4-5 clanmates all got on at the same time)

Speaking of PvP rewards, what has always been a bit of annoyance, is having epic battles, where you just barely survive, and then

  • A. getting no loot, or
  • B. just getting 2-3 commons

What would be nice, would be a CHANCE (maybe 20%) for a Fortune Box, when surviving a match with one Mech at less than a 100HP

I think that would make Arena much more interesting, especially after the adrenaline rush of a close match, the additional adrenaline rush of a possible Fortune Box :astonished:

  1. The game is set so that you cannot meet clan mates in PvP.
  2. Players who would abuse the quitting strategy would still use it the way it is now. After all they only need to have the first to go make 1 attack and then the one supposed to lose quits the game.
  3. If an account is used to lose on purpose to let other accounts get gold and exp then that losing account will drop in the rankings and will have to fight back up again.
  4. Furthermore you have no guarantee to meet that one “losing account” when looking for an opponent. So either the player who is supposed to get the exp and gold or the “losing account” might get stuck in a battle against a real opponent so then they would have to wait till that battle ends.

Therefore there is no real meaning if it was meant to prevent that.
Also after gaining 5 or so full gold and exp rewards the rewards will be greatly cut anyway.