Additional Rewards from battles and campaign not claimed properly

The mobile version of the game allows us to have additional gold reward after each match/mission.

For the past few days, I have not been able to properly claim them due to some sort of connectivity issue.

The ad would load but after the ad, a “please wait” logo pops up and keeps going and going. I have to force close the app. The reward after watching the ad is not credited.

Is this a bug or is this due to some kind of connectivity issue on my end? Thanks.

-edit - I was able to claim additional rewards today, so it might be nothing, and a simple problem on my end on connectivity. Thanks.

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Thanks for reporting.
I have sent this over to the team.
We appreciate it!

If I’m not wrong, the campaign missions also does not give the proper amount of coins that is embedded on the mission.

The reward shown in campaign screen is the total reward I think, including the ones you get from beating each mechs, not only the final Beating bigboy alone give you around 4k gold , so from the end boxes you get maybe 4k more, and rest from beating the other mechs(I’m not really sure if the loot also add up)

I only count 12 - 15k only.

On what type mission? Hard or insane?

insane modes.