Adding other media to forums


I am trying to add some music to the forum so other people can listen to them …
I know that this forum have the capability to support this list of file types (jpg, jpeg, png, gif, webm, ico, mp4, m4v, svg, pdf)
But why not Taticsoft forums?

Or perhaps it’s because I am not a regular?


This forum doesn’t host anything beyond images. You’ll need to host it elsewhere and then use a link to here. If you use youtube it will play within the forum. :slight_smile:

The forum isn’t really a place for file sharing, its a place for discussion. If you wanted to share files within the same forum you would find that the price to host the site would increase massively for something that adds little value to the main discussion of the forum.


I don’t get it -.-


Press down your Alt+F4 key on your keyboard
hope you can understand it


Can’t believe I really did that :man_facepalming:




You should know that that key combination is more than apparent for me
It’s a system key under Windows operation system that tell the system to send a “destroy window” command to the window, A.K.A. forced ending of window procedure
Matter of the fact, I am using my iPad right now …
don’t work that way

Well that’s for 3ab anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Ofc i know
i just want to prank him(3ab)


I used to see user names with that on Agario.
Saying “Alt+F4=Mass” or something.

I did it once when I was in first place because I was genuinely curious (I was 9)