Adding new dimension to pvp


Guys i had this idea for quite a long time now
So i will just share it ;its about adding another aspect to pvp!
Currently u can only do pvp 1v1 2v2 or 3v3 battles for your clan or yourself (not in any clan),
i say in addition to it we make two factions like a and b
and every week random ppl are selected in each faction like if there are 50;000 ppl playing 25 k in each faction
all faction players randomly selected and players can fight for both clan as well as faction teams and likewise we can add gifts for top players who contributed a lot in winning faction victory
…example - like if 25 thousand ppl are in winning faction top 100 get 1 myth; top 10 ;2 myth etc. …
…also some contributors get power kit etc .

This faction system can coexist with the clan pvp system and this way lots of ppl can get a chance to face lots of new ppl which they never face

also we will have to make ranking settings so like rank 1 from faction a not fight a rank 20 lol

This idea i think can add a lot more options for a player in game for especially ppl who get bored soon or give chance to rival clanmates to finally work together and improve game spirit.

Basically if such a thing happens player can have now 3 option…

  1. do campaign
    2)do pvp for clan
    3)fight for your faction and be top contributor and win to earn
    Though i know such a system will require lot of time to implement but i wanted to share it since some months .:slight_smile::blush:
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Added poll to your suggestion as it helps with identifying whether people like the idea.


tried to read this…
honestly I couldn’t really understand what you are talking about. Maybe its just too late and I am too sleepy, but all I recognised was "not PvP and not campaing"
pls edit your post so it easier to understand


From my understanding, it’s more of an additional competition feature. Take the entire community playing active and split in half into 1 of 2 teams. Regardless of your clans, you get split randomly. Then every fight you do, campaign, PVP, etc, will give points to your faction team.

Top contributors for each faction will get some rewards.

So basically, just another passive feature that adds some fun and possible rewards to players.


Ok lol i will make try to edit and make it more clear i wrote in hurry


Yes exactly:3 its like adding another dimension to pvp


basically trying to say lets have a royal rumble. :scream:


Simply just a MOSHPiT
Kill or be killed


My Kaiju suggestion is waaaay better! :grin:


k now I read Malicewolf’s explanation (thanks!) and re-read edited original text.

so, basically, along with clans, you suggest to make Factions, with between-factions PvP
so, what could be said to that:

  1. 2 factions is too small number (and it will cut away 50% of players from your opponents list), how about 4 factions instead. Not only its more chaotic, temporal alliances between factions will allow temporal “2 factions” event
  2. Factions and clans. If ppl from clan are all in different factions, it would be not good. Either “civil wars” (between clan members) everywhere, or peace between factions (again, withim same clan). So I suggest, if factions are implemented, all clan members are required to be in same faction as their clan leader.
  3. Faction changing. Anything can be here in my opinion, but someone may discuss about whether and how player can change faction