Adding friend on Sm


Soo this is what i was thinking.If every game’s(almost) have friend requestment…then what if we add it?It’s pretty much good idea for adding friend’s on sm.Soo here what is gonna happen when you became friend:

1.You can see that they are online,offline,or at battle.

2.You can see what he is talking about.

3.You can spectate (ugh i mean you dont have to add it)

I can’t really tell if my idea work’s.
Thank you for reading my topic about idea.

Like my idea to agree.


I was actually thinking about this idea, but I never made a thread about is because I had a feeling that people would hate it.


This (Friend System) was there many years ago…
I Don’t know why they removed it


Nice but…
Good. Really good.


sounds sort of like stalking to me…

:slight_smile: :wink:


This was a thing somewhere in 4.1F.

Good days man , no myth items

Nic’s phys mech was devastaring lemme tell you