Adding all portals together


Currently Battle galaxy and battle dawn are separate portals, mars-earth-fantasy. and galaxy is on another website. I would suggest adding all 5 portals together. You might be asking: Dank meme scrublord, arent there only 4 servers?? u fat doggo. well yes there is 4 server, but event server if they decide to add CE or sumthing like that.
(Not part of suggestion below)
Also i would recommend removing kong servers. There is less than 40 players planted in those worlds, and around 5-10 active players in 3 servers. that are just farming dead eras thinking they good at the game.
_Another thing is adding dank memes easter eggs[poll public=true]

  • Add 5 portals+maybe some tweaking
  • U a fet doggo ugly stinky(alex voted for trump)


Well Battledawn and Battlegalaxy are a lot different with players and themes also different,
I remember a time when rules were also change,like 12 ct for razing upgrading ops, or maybe i remember wrong?

Also the thing that is most important here, The Daily Bonus are different for both,Means if you take Bonus on BD and BG you can get 290 tokens per week :smiley:

But yea it may help the non BG players also plant into BG when they see it on home screen
Like BD players usually dont play BD and vice versa,so if you merge them both ,some extra players might drop by and who knows maybe they like it and bring over teams and friends


Well yes this would be great to do
it might add Battle Galaxy players to Battle Dawn and vice versa


I am unsure if there are differences in BD and BG, either way I approve of bringing the portals together.

If there are differences there needs to be some way of addressing the differences before one joins the world.

Not only will this tidy things up, get rid of a domain name, but also may help players feel like they can play other worlds!

This is definitely a vote yes for me!


Well it could have opposite effect and make BG pkayers quit BG for not being competent enough :frowning:


That is a possibility. Hopefully these forums will become active enough to figure that out though! :slight_smile: