Adding a blue print guide in game since the transform thingy is WAY TOO COMFUSING


The blue prints show which item the item you have will evolve into , making the players knowing which item they should grind to get into that one specific transformed wanted item instead of grinding and fusing aimlessly only to see they fused the wrong wanted item and have to start things over again


Maybe they will ad this in some years, just like color kits

(good idea actually, I’m salty at Tacticsoft, not you :clap:)


The Wiki guide is completely outdated. It doesn´t work.

Is it not a requirement for developers to maintain an up-to-date guide to their store and the rules of the game?

If you are going to buy a pair of shoes … would you buy them if they don´t show you what they have for sale?


The Wiki was community made i believe. Perhaps some community members interested in updating it could approach @Sarah247 and ask?

My brothers shoes actually broke the other day after only 1 months use :confused: he wasn’t told they would break in a month when he got them.


You can claim (for the shoes) and the seller return the money or send u a new shoe.
The lesson you learned here, in this game is : never, in any way. spend real money on games that only give u virtual rewards.


Actually you can’t, its been a month so they are considered used and no longer can be claimed for :confused:


so… maybe supermechs could return the money I spend in the last 30 days… what do you think about??


Any questions like that should be directed straight to tacticsoft email.


Forget the damn shoes and get back on topic.


Or directly with a lawyer.

Look Elcent … I’m so mad at all this what I find myself just a few steps away from filing a lawsuit against Tacticsoft. I have the means to do it and I know the right professionals to carry it out. I have only stopped the time I need to invest for it and because I still have some common sense. I am embarrassed to tell my colleague “I was cheated on an internet game”.

So please don´t pinch me.

Thank you.


Just fighting it will shut them down. Do it.


These people believe that we are stupid, they can do what they want with the money of others and they are dealing with children.


u guys think the game makers wont have thought about it ??

pretty sure there would have been a small box to check while u made account which read *Terms and conditions " Please read carefully before clicking and we just clicked it anyways and went ahead with playing the game.