Adding a 3rd currency

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  • yes add 3rd currency
  • no don’t add 3rd currency
    [/poll]Adding a 3rd currency as a substitute for tokens would greatly improve the game and give a huge reason to play for long periods of time. say there’s a currency called tickets (just an example) and there are multiple ways to get them, you can get them through achievements, multiplayer or campaign. and these tickets allow you to buy things that require tokens at the exact same price. every time you destroy a mech in multiplayer ladder battles you get 2 tickets. and you could replace the token reward in campaign for a ticket reward. this way the people that spend money on the game will still buy the same amount of tokens but the people that don’t can play the game for a long time trying to save tickets and buy the same things you can buy with tokens. this will give people a reason to keep playing while also keeping the people that pay for tokens.
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We already have this, it’s called “Bonus Tokens”.

yeah but if you add a 3rd currency that will allow people to get it from multiplayer battles, so you can grind or you can just pay to win

Then you could just make it so the multiplayer battles give “Bonus Tokens” instead. :x

say you have 400 bonus tokens and you want to buy an ultra mythical box, so you buy 200 extra tokens to open on. adding a 3rd currency would allow you to make a lot more “bonus tokens” (separate from tokens) and get the ultra mythical box without having to buy an extra 200. that will increase the sm team profit and make the game more playable, everybody wins.

i like this but instead of the typical store it should be a redeem store where shou can chose something pretty xD

no , the game is pretty balanced as it is

@Afrollama, dude, this is just academic debate. In one week or so this all will turn into another game…

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