Added energy for battles is like battle credits only worse


the new energy addition for the campaign battles! I liked when i could sometimes come on and do all the missions in a row but now nope. I wish you could use them for reviving as well but or stleast have them more them 15 like 25


No, it’s fine.

And look what’s saying that! i’ts me, KilliN, i’m Always the first player to finish all the campaign maps, now i can’t, and i like it!


How can I get credits now?!
There’s a limit on how many missions I can do for FREE, and now I’ll never have 500k fusion.


yeah is cool need end the hard lvl to fight on nightmare… i want see nightmare bigboy!!!

big evil truck with more than 1000hp maybe?


Well, it’s a P2W game…


And now it’s pay-to-play!


it sure is… :sweat:


one key problem behind current “fuel” system is very low, non-upgradable fuel reserve. With regen being fast, this basically causes players to visit the game many times per day to use energy, then quit until energy is restored (don’t tell “they only will do that if they want”, desire to get something non-free wlll drive 95% of players who still need some items to do that). if regen would be slow, this would cause another problem of too slow campaing progression and money grinding. Unability to do 10 missions in a row is a terrible thing.

suggestion: as level ncreases, increase max fuel (and probably fuel regen, too).


excellent idea! @25352


Please… Please… Please… Make it to where you can obtain more energy… Maybe make it to where you can level your energy to increase the total amount you can have… Or maybe make a mythical that adds 15 Fuel/Energy? A module of some sort… You could make it go into the special items slot… Do something… Because playing 3 missions every 5 hours really makes me want to just stop playing.


I agree. It wasnt needed and its just kinda annoying… let people play at their pace ya know? Not 2-3 missions every hour.


indeed but i think it should be a permanent upgrade not a mythical that needs to be equipped


Maybe add a fuel boost from the campaign missions?
From the metal boxes you destroy


yeah i have face the bigboy in hard mode and its already have 1000+hp, needle blaster that have more damage than lvl 16 needleblaster mark II, OP death punch that can deal 200+ damage
and the insane mode, yeah its insane, my mech got overwhelmed, 1400 hp, supernova with 300+ damage, death punch with 300+ damage, but still weak to heat


Good news everyone!
Sm reloaded fixed that problem!
First level you start 4/4 but leveling up fixes this by extending limit!
My energy is 58/58!


Finally someone is understanding the reason for all this !! Business is business and Tacticsoft needs money to raise the other game.