Add trading to super mechs

  • Yessss!
  • Lol no

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I’ll tell you later why I made this :))

also I made the poll anonymous so that there won’t be mass reporting :))


I know why u do this.

You want to see us cursing words.
Am i right?




Idk No


I want my op items from alts too


normal players: im just gonna trade someone a snack for a clash.
dickhead: let me make accounts, spent the tokens on a box trade the item to main and repeat.


Alright :slight_smile:
Should I say why I made this topic?

  • Yes
  • No

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Just say it alredy lad ;-;

Wait is it because you want L-M items?


trading will never be added


To everyone who says no:
Don’t you understand a spam topic?This is just a joke.If i’m serious I could’ve posted this in ideas and features.

I made this thread to see if who takes every thread seriously :))


Son…i ain’t joking about this thread.

But you said it’s a joke…so yes lol


no, you didnt.
and still, I say add this thing.