Add trading for mechs

Add trading so you can trade with friends and other people



T-Soft: NO.

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Sounds interesting but it probably wont happen

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I like the idea of buying things to give you things is a great idea the bad thing is that the administrators never go to this

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For this, the use of multi - accounts must be cleaned first.


People were begging TS for years now .

Reason why they wont make it , you can just make alt accounts and get some nice items and send them over

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but if u give a reduced amount of trades per acc every year this would be avoided
think of it as a yearly trade event were players can trade 5 items they want on theyre basic quality by 50 tokens each from both players
only x lvl 55 accs and highter
5 items once per year tokens cost would clearly give both parts what they want


ive being asking this since a long time ago
also im a single acc user

Yes we should have a trading system because some people have too many useless items

Antonio como amigo te lo digo…
no pongas tanto en google translate la gramatica es horrible
intenta con frases cortas despues de todo GT es para palabras en si

Yes, that’s nice… What about other people?

just see my reply upthere to see a way to avoid this
im feeling lazy to quote it

I know, but it’s still a problem

and it would always be
every human is greedy on something (me? probably on tuna)
but that doesnt mean it cant be implemented, as i see devs dont include this feature because would give em less money than frustrate people till they left/buy

like warframe where you can only trade certain amounts a day


I believe that people have few useless elements now. It´s used for fusion.

At this time, in addition which I have in my mechs, I only have 5 myth items. Everything else that appears in boxes, fused it.

yeah actually the system have a way to get rid of those items without pain
but trade is good x player interaction
now think about this if someone like me got a platinum plating but im not interested on be top, wouldnt u trade with me by something else?

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friend but there are people like me who want to sell things I am from people who have many very good things that I would like to sell because I have 57 epicas

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It’s a fantastic idea for the PLAYERS, not for tactisoft. That means less people will be paying money. Maybe if there was a cost for trading then maybe it’s a possibility.

Ahh. A fellow Warframe player. I like you already.

About thr topic… there arent enough various items in this game to make it tradeable. If they added improving the quality of an item, like, a forge where you can add up to 10% more power max or a way of giving the items varied properties like Warframe has woth riven mods, that would be different. I think they should add that. If there was more variation, it would make sense. And if it were possible to farm for specific items (like, have different ways of getting different items) or craft items, it would make sense. But in its current state, trading would only harm Super Mechs