Add to rename the clan

it would be nice if you added in the next update to rename a clan first to be free to rename it then to cost 100 tokens what would you say would be a good idea?

if you had added a poll I would have voted yes, I’m otherwise fairly unmoved by this though.

I am not sure if this would be a great idea …

… Clans (Tops) would make fun of other Clans like :

“Always above Littlelosers”

(no offense, just an example for the abuse, if this would be a thing)


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Who’d pay for it? The clan leader or every member has the right to change it for 100 tokens? ( If the leader can’t afford the tokens for example)

Nah,instead of adding a ‘‘rename’’ feature you can just ‘‘reload’’ the clan.
That is,disband it,make another one (with the new desired name) and re-invite the members.

Meh, It sounds good but think of the abuse